The Harris Twins
Photo: Denver Sean

Self-Made Men: The Harris Twins

Jamison and Jonta’ Harris are not your typical Millennials clout chasing for recognition. They are focused, driven, creative, goal-oriented and inspiring. 

Recently, at no fault of their own, they taught me some valuable lessons worth discussing. It truly opened my eyes to some things I’ve masked for so long – a heartfelt awakening.

Generally, these types of cover stories are presented in a Q&A format or writing in 3rd person. We’re going to scratch that process. 

Instead, I’m going to offer a little back story about The Harris Twins and how I came to meet them. 

The Beginning

The twins were born and raised in the south, Asheboro, NC, to be exact. 

The Harris Twins

A photographer friend of mines told me about some unknown twins will make some noise in the entertainment business, soon. 

When you hear that type of phrasing in the business, often it’s met  with a lot of hype; however, I gave my friend the benefit of the doubt. When he Direct Messaged me their images from his photoshoot with them, I was like, “WOW. Where did they come from?”

Now keep in mind, he presented them to me as models, I expecting to see someone who’s 6′ tall. The twins were not, however, their photographs were presented with a gut punch and they were remarkable.

My first question was, “Who did their wardrobe styling?” He responded, “They did!” I was dumbfounded because some models do not have this kind of eye, let alone putting a suit and tie together. I was impressed. 

From there, they started shooting with more fashion photographers, and their brand recognition started to take off. Now, keep in mind; they did not grow up in a prominent fashion city like New York and Los Angeles. Somehow, they found their voice.

The Harris Twins
Photo: Denver Sean

The Middle

Eventually, they moved to LA, and it was clear they were on a mission. Their influence continued to grow from there. The twins are truly marketing geniuses and phenomenal Black Content Creators! Check out their Instagram feeds!

A few years back, I had an opportunity to attend shows during fashion week and asked if they would like to attend. Immediately, they said YES! I educated them on how to do their registration for entry. They caught on quick! Once they were approved, the magic began. At the fashion show, I shared with him how they can get front row seating at most fashion shows (I’m going to keep that a secret, LOL)!

They killed New York Fashion Week that year and got featured all over the world via fashion publication and Blogs. I was extremely happy for them and well deserved.

Over the years, they’ve been very strategic about how, why, and what they post. What’s remarkable is their ability to create value and provide free content – a smart move. 

In the space where many Black Creators complain about their ideas being stolen by White Content Creators, I’ve never heard The Harris Twins complain. NOT ONE TIME! Again, a smart move.

Recently, a situation arose, challenging our professional relationship caused by me, unintentionally. After reading the email response from the twins, it hit me hard! Very hard. 

I read it a few times and immediately apologized. I felt terrible because I hindered their excitement about what we created. I was wrong, and it wasn’t warranted.

Over the next few days, I started writing my goals and pros & cons for what I want to do next at OBVIOUS, shit my life too. 


What I learned from them is communication is vital when doing collaborations and brand partnerships. I sometimes lack this because I wear a lot of hats. 

I adore the twins. What I admire most about them is their ability to have fun creating content on social media. I lack that element from time to time because I do a lot.

In 2018 when I stated OBVIOUS, it was fun and exciting. Now it feels more like work. I need to purge what’s causing my need for happiness here at the brand to become more fresh and innovative.  

Millennials frequently get a bad wrap, usually from Gen X and Baby Boomers. We have to omit our old way of thinking and adapt to what’s going on right now. They know things!

The Harris Twins are the next. The next generation of global high yielding content creators. Words cannot explain how much they’ve taught me through with their brand of marketing. They are truly self-made men.

10 Things The Harris Twins Taught Me:

  • Always communicate at all costs. 
  • Never assume anything.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Never Overpromise.
  • Find Balance.
  • Plan, then Execute.
  • Be Intentional.
  • Purge all things that stop your brand growth. 
  • Let your work speak for itself.

In closing, I will continue to support them as they make their way to the Forbes 30 under 30 List. Oh, it’s coming.

Thank you, Jonta’ & Jamison.

The Harris Twins
Photo: Denver Sean

Cover shoot/Feature Image: Denver Sean
Custom Print kimono/trousers: OHT Studios

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