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RADEN Cell Phone Port

Being a recent amputee, it is challenging finding products that do not add to my limited mobility. One day I was online looking for new luggage and I found RADEN through a Google search. After reading the specs, I decided to contact them to see their product first hand.

Once the luggage arrived, I felt like I received an early Christmas gift. I ordered the hunter green A28 Check suitcase ($395).  I removed the suitcase from the shipping box (it was wrapped in a laundry bag) and studied the design. The outer is well crafted, beautifully designed, and moved with ease (see video). The gray interior is clean and the zippers are easy for us.


Upon future research of the product, I was impressed with the TSA-approved battery pack inside. The pack allows you to charge up to 2 cell phones. No more waiting for an outlet in the airport for me!

Next, I downloaded their app. Keep in mind, the app is only for iPhone users at the moment. Luckily, I own an iPad tablet. Once the app finished downloading, I registered my suitcase within the app. The app allowed me to activate the geo-tracking system embedded in the suitcase. Geo-tracking lets you know where your suitcase is located if it’s lost or stolen. Wow!

The other bonus was the built-in scale. Have you ever packed your suitcase and wondered if you met the 50lb weight limit? Me too! You do not have to worry about that anymore. The luggage system tells you how much your bag weighs by simply turning on the app, clicking the weight option and picking the bag up by the handle. The app tells you the exact weight.


The A28 moves with ease with the polyurethane tires on the bottom allowing you to transport with the 360-degree turns. I can now keep my sanity traveling to and from the airport with ease.


Purchase your RADEN luggage in a set of 2 (one check bag and one carry-on). The luggage is sold separately as well. This is a great investment. RADEN is amputee-approved.


UPDATE: Raden is permanently closed.


Raden is available in two options: carry (22”) and check (28”). Both products pair with Raden’s iOS app, contain a battery to charge any device, proximity tracking, and an integrated scale handle

Raden is available in multiple finishes: Black, White, Navy, Hunter Green, Light Purple, Light Pink, and Light Blue, as well as Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The integrated 7,800 mAh battery can charge a mobile phone up to four times with 2 charging ports accessible on the exterior of the case

The battery is completely removable and portable and can be used as a standalone power pack

The form-factor of the power bank falls in line with traditional batteries, so TSA agents will recognize it immediately

Raden has passed all relevant regulatory certifications & testing standards for travel & battery-powered electronics including FCC, UN, TSA, and IATA

Raden cases are constructed out of light and durable Makrolon polycarbonate and weigh only 8.4lbs (22”) and 13lbs (28”) when empty


Raden’s companion app informs users of their case’s weight, current weather conditions, traffic alerts, case proximity, and flight details

The app also converts your case’s weight to align with your corresponding flight and destination

The app is available on iOS

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