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Rove Hotel Dubai: Best Place to Stay for Layover

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Rove Hotel Dubai offers a calming atmosphere for the Wanderlust or leisure traveler looking for peace and serenity after a long intercontinental flight.

While traveling back to the United States from a much-needed vacation in The Maldives on Emirates Airlines, we had a 20-hour layover in Dubai. Needing a place to stay, we searched for hotels on and the Rove Hotel Dubai Downtown stood out. Often times when you book online or via an app, hotel images don’t look the same in person. This was totally not the case.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their very friendly front desk staff and impressive decor. It felt like we were entering a friend’s home who works as an artist or art buyer. From the eclectic light fixtures, artistic graphics along the hallways, as well as the inspirational quotes throughout the hotel and inside of the rooms, the hotel was a visual delight.

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The room was quaint, comfortable, and clean as you would expect when you first enter your hotel room. Their comfortable beds were topped with soft clean white linen. The rainforest shower head and the amputee-friendly shower entrance were great and thoughtful added touches.


We opted for a ‘breakfast included’ rate when we booked the room. At first, we assumed we were going to get the typical buffet-style breakfast. We were so wrong. The restaurant staff provided us with a carefully curated menu that offers a variety of hot food, including vegan and vegetarian options. One of our personal favorites was the Quinoa salad with fresh tomatoes with romaine lettuce. There was an array of fresh juices, fruits, and bread to choose from. If you wanted the traditional American breakfast, they offered that as well.


$85 USD plus fees ($109.26). Rate varies on time of booking and location of the room.

The experience was a breath of fresh air. The Rove Hotel offers 5 locations throughout Dubai. The property we stayed at was across the street from the famous Dubai Mall and the iconic Burj Khalifa.
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