Wow! You Must Experience iFly Baltimore Indoor Skydiving

iFly Baltimore is something you should experience if you looking for a weekend adventure. Recently, I spent the weekend in DMV area and decided to visit iFly Baltimore Indoor Skydiving as a semi bucket list adventure located at 8209 Town Center Dr, Nottingham, MD 21236. I didn’t know what to expect which added to my excitement.

I’ve gone Tandem Skydiving before and thought it couldn’t get any more intense than that. Boy, I was mistaken. Indoor skydiving is a rush! I was a little apprehensive at first which is odd because I jumped out of a plane before.

iFLY Baltimore

Kris, my instructor, walked me through the process and eased my fears. I got me suited up, then walked into a room where I watched a short informational video to understand the rules and guidelines each participant must adhere to enter the tank. Once I completed the instructional video, the instructor tested my knowledge about the things I saw in the video to make sure I was paying attention. After being shown a few hand gestures before I entered the tank, I passed my test so off we went!

As I approached the door to the massive air tank, I heard and felt the air; then I was given the thumbs up to fall forward into the tank so the wind could catch me. Grabbing one of my ankles and my wrist, up we went! We traveled to the top of the tank and then back down again. It was a blast to be airlifted like a feather. Up, down and a few spins was all I was comfortable with since it was my first time doing indoor skydiving.

Having a trained professional there helped. After I completed my course, Kris entered the tank alone to show me some cool tricks air tricks. It was an added highlight to my adventure.

If you’re in the DMV area, make sure to visit iFly Baltimore. You can make a reservation on their Facebook page listed below. Try this cool experience with your family & friends. It’s kid-friendly too.

Facebook: /iFLYBaltimore
Instagram @iflybaltimore

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