Solfeggio Frequency: Finding Your Good Vibrations

Solfeggio Frequency: Finding Your Good Vibrations

You have heard of manifestation, meditation, and the power of affirmations – invest in Solfeggio Frequency. You have even put them into daily practice.

You may have also heard about the power of sound and its healing properties, but what does it mean? 

The use of sound frequencies to manipulate the physical world has dated back to ancient times. One set of frequencies that are often referenced are the Solfeggio Frequencies. 

These frequencies are based on numerology, incorporating sound to impact spiritual connection and a positive mindset. It is believed that with the right intention and outlook, we can achieve higher consciousness and awaken our spiritual selves, bringing it closer to the surface of who we are. 

This allows us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, opening and aligning our Chakras to connect with others and provide clarity of mind. People have reported other benefits such as lower stress levels, improved sleep, and reduced pain.

The 9 Solfeggio Frequency

Solfeggio Frequency

396Hz  Aids in releasing feelings of fear and guilt.

417Hz  Removes negative energy. Brings positive change into your mindset.

528Hz  Referred to as the “Love” frequency, promotes balance and heightens confidence.

639Hz  Allows openness towards connection to others – Increased purpose-driven communication.

741Hz  Purifies your physical and mental health – Brings forth clarity.

852Hz  Increases intuition and aids in connection to your spiritual self.

963Hz  Considered to be the highest Solfeggio Frequency – Aids in a deeper connection to spiritual consciousness.

174Hz  Relieves pain and stress – Creates harmony within the body

258Hz  Heals Tissue and Organs – Encourages cell rejuvenation.

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