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12 Questions With Actor Kyle Price

Love @ First Night star, Kyle Price talks what to expect for Season 3 of his hit web series, the importance of living in his truth as an openly gay actor and the most outrageous comment someone slid into his Instagram DM.

Three words that best describe you as a person? 

Ambitious, Complicated, Loving.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a town in New Jersey; Willingboro, NJ. It was a black suburb that was really community focused. My mom was and is still well known in town, so I had a good experience growing up there because everyone knew me through her. I was active in the community as well, and in sports so I made a name for myself too. 

How did you get the role as ‘Spencer’ on Love @ First Night web series?

The creator of the show, Terry Torrington, saw me in a web series that I did prior called, ‘Quarter Century NY.’ Also, we had always known of each other in passing because we were both involved in organizations that worked closely together but never had a chance to collaborate. He approached me about being this character named ‘Spencer’ based off of my portrayal in that show and developed a working relationship. The rest is history.

What type response you and your castmates received for the Love @ First Night fans?

The response has been OVERWHELMING! We’ve always looked at our show as the little show that could because Slay TV, the network that houses the show, is relatively new, so we didn’t know what to expect as far as reception. Luckily, people have not only gravitated towards the show but have developed a hardcore fan base with each of the characters. We talk to the fans via Twitter regularly and have developed our own little world based around the show. 

Do you have any real-life similarities as ‘Spencer’? 

I have a few similarities to my character Spencer, but I drew his personality from a few people I have encountered in my life to make the complicated lovable mess that is Spencer.

What should we expect for Season 3 of Love @ First Night?

For Season 3, I had a hand in helping to write for the series, and I wanted to give each character a ‘focus’ on what they need to improve on as people because if you’ve seen the show already everyone is messed up in some way. 

Overall, it’s going to be more of the light-hearted fun that we’ve come to be known for as well as tying up some loose ends that the previous seasons had. I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who has seen the prior episodes to revisit and look for little clues and things you may have overlooked in the earlier seasons to get the keys of what’s going to go down in Season 3.

Kyle Price | Photo by Harvey Jackson

NYC or LA? 

New York. I love the grittiness of the city. It pushes you to your limits and forces you to level up every time you think you have what you want. Plus, I love that I can always find a random adventure everywhere you turn here (NYC) and very cost effective.

You are openly gay. Why do you feel it’s important to live in your truth?

Life is too short to try to convince people you’re something you are not. My motto is you’re either going to get with it, or you’re not. If you don’t then more power to you. 

Playing a gay character, do you fear being typecast? 

I’ve had that thought before, but how the world is going now, especially in the world of entertainment, I don’t think that will be important regarding getting more roles outside of the gay ones.

Dream actor or director you love to work with on the big or small screen? 

I am the BIGGEST Quinten Tarantino fan; I watch all of his behind-the-scenes documentaries to see how meticulous he gets with his details in each movie he makes. Also, he’s a little crazy about his work and the lengths he goes to make certain moments happen; I love that energy. Actor wise, Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s a chameleon with every role he plays.

The craziest thing someone said to you in your DMs?

And I quote, “You are so fine. I’m going to get you pregnant one day and make you mine.” I’m still not too sure if that person knows how anatomy works but that was definitely top 1 craziest things said in my DM (direct message on Instagram).

What wakes you up in the morning?

I wake up every morning, first of all, grateful to see another day, but as far as inspiration getting a chance to create. I love making up worlds and being able to flesh out the ideas I have in my head on a large scale and being able to inspire other people with them. That gets me excited. I feel like it gives me purpose. If I could stop everything else I’m doing and solely focus on that, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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