2021 Visionaries to Watch: Raghu Gollamudi, Founder & CEO of Included.Ai

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Raghu Gollamudi, Founder & CEO of Included.Ai

Founded by Raghu Gollamudi, Included.Ai is here to give corporations the data metrics they need to make their hiring processes more diverse, equal, and inclusive through their powerful AI. 

Their DEI recruitment engine alerts the right person within an organization at the right time to apply proactive measures that target the precise stage, org, team, and/or stakeholders surrounding key areas of drop-off by underrepresented groups within the diversity recruiting funnel. 

To date, Included.Ai has analyzed over tens of millions of scenarios, and our customers have uncovered an average of 496 bias and DEI process problems instantly with customized data and actionable steps. 

Not only are they helping organizations create job opportunities, but we are helping them fill those roles and keep the quality talent from walking out the door after they’ve invested time and money into training them. 

The creators of Included are on a mission to prove that DEI isn’t a tax, PR issue, or feel-good checkbox but an opportunity to build more competitive businesses.

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Raghu Gollamudi Interview

The fusion of DEI initiatives via tech like Included seems like a step into the future of hiring processes across every industry. What inspired you to create such technology?

Raghu Gollamudi: It was a combination of things. Firstly, in my experience, companies have great intentions when it comes to DEI, but sadly the initiatives stopped after a workshop or onboarding video. In the best-case scenario, you get inspired at these events, but that’s where it ends. DEI doesn’t become a business priority because, let’s face it; there is no way to measure progress and grow your career for achieving DEI goals. 

As a CTO and engineering leader, I couldn’t help but ask: “Where is the data? Where is the technology? How do you establish and measure continuous improvement?”

The HR technology companies rely on wasn’t built at a time when it was considered important to track with precision the demographic story of their candidates and workforce. So HR, DEI, and business unit headers couldn’t take active measurements of their efforts to attract and keep quality talent of diverse backgrounds in their organizations. 

For those who do try to wrangle their candidate and workforce data on diversity, we’ve heard time and again how manual, time-intensive, and excel-based their work is. 

Their DEI work is limited by time and effort constraints, and they can’t uncover and crunch all the data they need fast enough to get answers and develop strategies that work. These signals that this space needs technology to create an authentic, lasting impact. That’s precisely what we do. Included is the DEI people analytics platform for HR. 

We deliver your favorite HR metrics segmented by demographics instantly. Our AI-powered platform shows you exactly where to focus your efforts to meet and exceed your diversity goals for hiring, retention, and promotion cycles. 

Best of all, Included identifies specific areas where businesses can take further action to remove any potential roadblock from accomplishing their goals.

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What possibilities are there as Included continues to grow in the next decade?

Raghu Gollamudi: The possibilities are endless as more and more companies wake up to the importance of DEI data. We are excited to be experiencing high interest from both unicorn startups. 

The demand for data-driven DEI is high, and very large corporate entities that similarly want to know their diversity data story and trends instantly. 

Included is pioneering the DEI tech space. That means our users and customers are combining to launch a national scoring and measurement model for DEI through data aggregation and communities of practice. 

In 2022 we are releasing our DEI data modules for every stage of the employee lifecycle to eliminate the effort, time, and overwhelm HR leaders face when trying to measure DEI change. 

In the coming decade, applying this technology means incredibly sophisticated talent acquisition, retention, promotion, and compensation strategies. 

Our AI technology centering the data on diversity and continuously measuring equity, our customers are forging breakout strategies that deliver robustly diverse workforces, leadership teams, and financial gains.

How do you bridge passion and entrepreneurship in a way that benefits your ideas and helps you become an effective business?

Raghu Gollamudi: I’ve always been a builder, an engineer obsessed with making things better. As CEO, leading people is always maximizing efforts and delivering a significant impact. 

Together, working in teams, we are capable of brilliant work. Technology has done a great job of allowing us to see instant results as entrepreneurs, but the ideas come from our people. 

An idea can become a concept by leveraging technology the right way, and I love watching our brilliant teams’ hard work come to life in our technology solutions. 

Our team at Included is remarkable for their dedication, creativity, and commitment to centering marginalized voices at every stage of our product development. 

The world consistently moves forward, not backward. If there is a cause you are passionate about, I always ask how technology can help humans solve this problem? For me, it was DEI. I am humbled by the team and the customers that have flocked to this company. We are rich in people and ideas.

Regarding Included, what are you most proud of? 

Raghu Gollamudi: I am proud that companies immediately see the benefits of having something like Included.AI in place to improve the hiring & retention of their diverse workforce. Some of our first customers were amazed to see DEI trends in their own people’s data that they weren’t previously aware of. 

It’s proven to be an incredibly useful tool to help companies build people-first business strategies, and I’m so happy and proud to be part of that.

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