2021 Visionaries to Watch: Reshma Dordi, CEO of Reshma Beauty and Producer/Host of Showbiz India TV
Photo Credit: Subi Samuel

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Reshma Dordi, CEO of Reshma Beauty and Producer/Host of Showbiz India TV

Reshma Dordi has proven herself a force within the entertainment and business world, founding Showbiz India TV and Reshma Beauty, Inc. 

As a minority woman running two successful businesses in the US, she shares how she juggles these entities and why inclusivity is a major player in the success of her business.

With both her businesses sharing her Indian traditions, Reshma has been honored by the State of California and the City of Beverly Hills, amongst others, for her continuous promotion of South Asian culture to mainstream America.

A true visionary, Reshma has much to share in embracing her heritage to bring Indian entertainment and wellness traditions affordable to the American market. 

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Reshma Dordi Interview

Splitting your time between two very different businesses requires a very disciplined mindset. Are there any skill sets that transfer from you as a producer for Showbiz India TV that help you as a Founder for Reshma Beauty or vice versa?

Reshma Dordi: I am fortunate enough to love both my careers absolutely. I think the magic ingredient is “passion.” I am incredibly passionate about being a producer and an entrepreneur. Both are creative fields but in different ways. As a producer, you have to have a keen eye for detail and a vision for the big picture. Both businesses play into my role as an entrepreneur, as well.

Also, discipline and hard work are key factors for any business. One of my favorite sayings is, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Talk to us about Ayurveda and how or why it benefits everybody?

Reshma Dordi: I grew up around the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda. As a result, I have always been a big believer in a natural and holistic lifestyle. That, in my opinion, transcends race, age, culture, and gender.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that originated in India, dating as far back as 4,000 years. Its underlying theme is balance and connectedness with the processes and elements within the body. It creates balance and connectedness with each other and the outside world.

Ayurveda draws a parallel between our bodies and nature, upholding that our bodies also consist of five elements: Earth, Water, Air (or Wind), Fire, and Ether (or Space). The force within us that guides these five forces is called a Dosha. Each dosha is a combination of two natural elements predominant in our bodies. Your dosha determines your character and disposition and your health.

Just like the pollution of Earth will cause natural disasters, Doshas are also capable of going out of balance due to toxin accumulation, stress, improper diet, over-indulgence, and even the weather. 

For instance, an excess of “Fire” can cause heartburn and irritability, while an excess of “Air” could result in lightheadedness or a scattered mind.

Ayurveda encourages healthy relationships with nature and one’s community and uses the gifts of nature to promote healing and balancing of the elements.

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Even though Reshma Beauty fuses primarily South Asian heritage in its products, you’ve structured the brand to be very inclusive so that women of all backgrounds can benefit from using these products. Would you say that’s something you can attribute to Reshma Beauty’s continued success? Explain

Reshma Dordi: I am a proud Indian American. My South Asian heritage has been an important factor in my career. I love my Indian roots and share what is special about my culture with so many people every day. 

In my opinion, we are all one. Let’s celebrate each other’s differences and learn from them. Inclusivity is essential to me personally and is the mission of our brand. As mentioned earlier, the benefits transcend all cultures, ages, races, and even genders.

At Reshma Beauty, we believe in clean beauty from the inside out. So, taking from our Indian roots and Ayurveda, we are genuinely convinced that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. This concept isn’t new to our world but has been growing dramatically in the last few years here in the Western world. 

Our focus remains to ensure our products are produced based on what is best for consumer health. Each item has benefits that have a history of thousands of years behind it. Reshma Beauty takes pride in sustainable packaging, is always 100% cruelty-free, and is not tested on animals. 

I believe that we can attribute this to the continued success of our brand. We are authentic and care about our offerings.

I also have an incredible team of hard-working individuals who believe in the brand’s core mission, and they help make our brand strong and continuously grow. We have big plans for Reshma Beauty and are excited to continue building our natural products for consumers to live their best lives using “nature’s best-kept secrets.”

What is the most critical takeaway in your journey you would like to give younger generations who aspire to follow in an entrepreneur’s footsteps?

Reshma Dordi: Don’t downplay your capabilities because you feel different than those around you. Also, allow yourself to revel in the strength of your culture. 

There’s so much beauty in being different and bringing a unique perspective to your life and career. And in the end, it is all about hard and honest work. There is no shortcut to success. Be you, all that you are, boldly, bravely, and blissfully.

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Photo Credit: Subi Samuel

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