2021 Visionaries to Watch: Ruben Rojas, Owner & CEO of Live Through Love

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Ruben Rojas, Owner & CEO of Live Through Love

Ruben Rojas is the owner and CEO of Live Through Love. His latest piece, “Human,” was unveiled in June in Marina Del Rey, California, believing that we are all human. 

Just as Los Angeles opened up from a year+ of lockdowns, Rojas hopes it will remind people to treat everyone as their own. 

Using the urban landscape, Ruben encourages communities to change by using optimism and collaboration. His work can be seen worldwide from Paris to New York and back to his home city of Los Angeles.

Ruben’s work extends beyond the canvas. He is a Ted Speaker, product designer, corporate consultant, and philanthropist. 

Ruben is a founding team member of Beautify Earth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and international movement that creates impactful murals in neglected areas by engaging with brands, cities, developers, small businesses, neighborhood organizations, schools, and individuals. 

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Ruben Rojas, Owner & CEO of Live Through Love

Ruben partners with companies that aim to give back, enhance workspaces and raise awareness on important issues. Other collaborations include Reebok, Tom’s, American Express, and more.

Lastly, Ruben’s fashion line includes his signature “love” art on tees, hoodies, hats, leggings, masks, and more, including his most recent additions- items for baby/kids as a new Dad- and his Dodgers inspired line. His message of Love became amplified after what the world went through during the pandemic.

Ruben Rojas Interview

How can creatives use art as a means to overcome adversity?

Ruben Rojas: Art is fluid. It doesn’t care what your race, religion, or creed is. You put a paintbrush to the palette and let the colors collide as your creativity exudes from within you. It’s also a form of communication. 

Not everyone can articulate the ‘right’ words to express their emotions. Art is emotion. Give a person a blank canvas. Ask them to show you their spirit. You will be surprised by what is revealed and how they feel afterward – the stories that they will tell. 

What is the best way for other artists to use their platforms to amplify voices of inclusion?

Ruben Rojas: We live in a digital age that many take for granted. Many of our parents couldn’t have imagined the internet let alone Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! 

Imagine how social media will evolve and become when our children’s children come of age. What will their platforms look like? Regardless of how many followers you have, 100, 10,000, or 1 million, there are always eyes watching and ears listening. 

Use the resources you have to share your message with the world–continue to do it over and over again. One day you’ll look back and amaze yourself. That is why I started Live Through Love. My installations are a piece of me that I can share worldwide. I can tell you all about my mission, but I’d instead show you.

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Ruben Rojas, Owner & CEO of Live Through Love

What advice would you give to young artists who want to turn their creative endeavors into full-fledged businesses and be able to thrive?

Ruben Rojas: I was a full-time financial advisor when I first started. In 2018, I hung up my suits and decided to go all-in on me and my art. If you want to thrive, you must lead with passion and relentless belief in yourself. Being an artist isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Not everyone is going to see the work you put in daily. Please don’t do it for notoriety. Do it because it’s what wakes you up in the morning and fuels you. Dream big, play a long game and stay the course. The road can get windy, but keep your hands firmly on the wheel and never take your foot off the gas.

Stay Connected with Ruben Rojas

Twitter  @rubenrojas 
Instagram  @livethrough.love

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Ruben Rojas, Owner & CEO of Live Through Love

About Ruben Rojas

By using the urban landscape as his canvas, Ruben encourages communities to change for the better through optimism and collaboration. 

These once-vacant walls are now vibrant reminders that inspire those who see them to dream big, feel beautiful, live in possibility, and to love. Ruben’s murals can be seen in cities across the country and around the world, from Paris to New York and Florida to Mississippi. 

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