Awakening: Marcc Rose

Preparation will ALWAYS meet opportunity! If you’re not prepared, your chance can pass you by. I want to always be ready for mine!
– Marcc Rose

Eased by the cool breeze of Hermosa Beach, CA, the waves create a relaxed setting for Actor Marcc Rose to open up about pressures both on and off the set. The 24-year-old Brooklyn Native is preparing to take on his biggest role yet! Portraying Iconic Hip-Hop Legend, Tupac Shakur, in USA Network’s upcoming series ‘Unsolved: The Murders of Biggie & Tupac’. And with all the anticipation surrounding the role, Marcc admits there’s a huge responsibility in playing such a legendary figure.

“I got to get this right! This is ‘Pac’ we’re talking about.” he enthusiastically states. “Capturing his truth is important to me. I want to show that he not only was the rapper we grew to love. He also was a thinker. A leader. That’s the voice I want to represent.”

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The series is set to premiere later this year, creating a huge buzz followed by its recent pilot. Shot and Executive Produced by renowned director, Anthony Hemmingway, alongside acclaimed writer, Kyle Long. ‘Unsolved’ is also joined by an all-star cast of today’s biggest Hollywood names. And is set to be one of the networks’ biggest hits, a true breakout! And even with all the recent success, Marcc continues to stay humble through the whole process. Smiling as he talks about the excitement leading up to the premiere, “It’s surreal at times,” he states. It all is happening so fast but I’m grateful and excited to get this opportunity. BLESSED really! It makes me realize that dreams really do come true!”

“Dreams Come True” can be a factual statement for this self-proclaimed, “Dreamer.”  Because in truth, he made them happen. A true visionary, on his own he manifested his whole career into existence. It was only a short 3 years ago he embarked on his journey as an actor. Through finding acting classes, partner readings, and tireless hours of studying, he dedicated himself to the craft. And when the opportunity came for him to have his first role portraying Tupac in the 2014 Box Hit Hit, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, he was more than ready for his moment. Something he’s prepared for his whole life.

“Preparation will ALWAYS meet opportunity! If you’re not prepared, your chance can pass you by. I want to always be ready for mine!” Rose stated.

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And with that statement, it’s no surprise when asked to give 3 words that best describe himself, he stated: “Driven. Creative. Aspirational.” Strong, powerful meanings all suited for such a goal-oriented young man. It’s those same goals and dreams that drove Marcc as a young boy. Growing up in what is known as New York’s ‘Concrete Jungle’, he admits that Brooklyn gave him the hunger to achieve greater. And he always envisioned more. More opportunity, more success. A belief of a better life and the tenacity to go get it. And, a vision he passionately shares with his Grandmother, a native of Trinidad who came to the United States alone over 50 years ago in hopes of a better future for herself and future generations.

“What I admire most is the courage it took.” Smiling, he nods and adds. “Take that leap! We were raised on the belief that everything is possible and that you can accomplish anything! I plan to do just that.”

It’s no denying he can do just that! The future truly looks bright for this up-and-coming talent as he gets ready for this new chapter in life. Just like all the other great leaders before him, Marcc wants to inspire people young African-American males to: “Chase your dreams and follow your heart!” and not allowing hardships or stereotypes to hold back their potential. He emphasizes on the fact to live each day to its’ fullest potential! To express yourself through your own creation, owning no one. Enjoying and living life without limitations. That’s the legacy he wishes to leave.

“I’m just like you, a believer! Through faith, I’ve been able to follow my dreams. And I want to encourage everyone that you can do the same. Take risks! Go after what it is you want and what makes you happy. Live man!” he charismatically ends.

Catch Marcc Rose and the talented cast of ‘Unsolved: The Murders of Biggie & Tupac’ coming soon to television screens.

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