Artist, Claudine Mueller: Frida
Artist, Claudine Mueller: Frida

Claudine Mueller’s Daughter Uses TikTok To Bless Her, YES!

Victoria Craparotta created a TikTok account with hopes of getting 10,000 followers for her Mom, Artist Claudine Mueller, by Christmas day (she’s very close) to help boost sales for her artwork.  

I discovered her on the TikTok ‘For You Page’ and wanted to use our platform to add to her Christman surprise. 

It is vital to support emerging artists no matter their background and ethnicity. 2020 has affected a lot of artists globally both financially and emotionally. It’s an honor to feature this beautiful soul and her artistic expression.

The arts bring us joy, help us express our values, and build bridges between cultures. The arts are also a fundamental component of a healthy community—strengthening them socially, educationally, and economically—benefits that persist even in difficult social and economic times.

Claudine Mueller is the one-to-watch. I believe some big things are in the works for her in the new year.

Victoria conducted the interview below:

Artist, Claudine Mueller: The Look
Artist, Claudine Mueller: The Look


How did your Mom get started as an artist?

My Mom loved art ever since she was a child; you could always find her with pencils, crayons, and paint. 

As she grew older, she would paint once in a while, but she got into art after quitting her career due to stress and anxiety. 

It was then that she really had the time to focus on finding what she loved, and she got back into painting, drawing, and illustrating. 

Her signature ‘circle’ style originated from a way to deal with anxiety due to the process’s repetitiveness. 

Describe her process?

She dabbles in both watercolour and digital art. Her process for both starts with finding an image of an inspirational woman or one that beautifully represents their culture. 

From there, she creates her vision of it, starting with the women’s outline. Then she will paint over the outline in vivid colours and add her signature ‘circles’ to give it dimension and depth. 

Her art is about women’s empowerment. Is this intentional?

Yes. Her art is meant to showcase the beauty of ALL women around the world. She finds a lot of inspiration from other cultures as she loves traveling and learning about different customs 🙂

Are clients able to hire her for personalized commissioned work?

Yes, they are. The commissioned work process usually starts with the client sharing multiple images; she will choose one that she finds speaks to her. She also asks that clients give her the freedom to choose her colour pallet as she likes to show off the energy that the image provides her through colour.  

Artist, Claudine Mueller: Stickers
Artist, Claudine Mueller: Stickers

Where can our readers purchase art?

Readers can purchase her art at; currently, the shop is on vacation due to the influx of orders from TikTok! We went from 10 to 432 sales OVERNIGHT! Therefore we will be re-stocking in the New Year with a ton of new prints, stickers, and cards on the way! 

More about Claudine Mueller

Artist, Claudine Mueller
Artist, Claudine Mueller

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, my love for art was very apparent at a young age, as I was always drawing or painting. My mother decided to help my creativity by enrolling me in many different types of art classes. I finally decided that watercolor was what I did best and was most passionate about.

Many years later, in Toronto, Canada, I raised a family and had a great career. I have finally decided to take the big jump and become a full-time watercolor artist.

My art is fun, vivid, and colorful. It is inspired by my many trips to different places around the world. My love of diversity and for all living things.

My hope is that young and old feel happy when looking at my artwork and feel inspired to enjoy the brighter side of life.

For custom orders, you can contact her at clomueller[@], or DM her on Instagram @claudinemuellerr