G-Eazy Dominates (at) Smart Financial Centre in Houston, TX

G-Eazy opened The Beautiful & Damned Tour in Houston, TX at the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land on February 15, 2017, with a sense of humility and gratitude. His performance was energetic and wholeheartedly dedicated to his fans. The stage presented simple yet visually stimulating graphics without the need for a ‘posse’ on stage with him to sell his show.

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The Oakland-raised artist presented the fordience with two vast, slightly transparent tents that projected graphics and inside of these tents without skipping a beat were his two DJs on the ones-and-twos. With his signature black, rocker persona, he enters the stage with a calmness allowing a slight build-up of anticipation from the crowd, and then they went berzerk! The audience lost their minds.

G-Eazy broke his set into three parts to help convey his story:

Part 1: Beautiful

The start of his live performance was about gratitude, why he started doing hip-hop, and his influences. A huge thank you was given to Houston for their love and support from the beginning of his career.

Part 2: Damned

The 2nd part told the story of heartbreak and growth. During this moment of the performance, you felt a sense of freedom and redemption. ‘Him & I’ (featuring Halsey) was a fan favorite for obvious reasons.

Elolude. The Hits!

Even though his set ran over 15 minutes, G-Eazy still performed his monster hits, ‘No Limit,’ ‘Me, Myself & I’ and more. His fans sang along word for word until his exit.

Other than seeing interviews of G-Eazy online, I didn’t know a lot about him. After seeing him live and in person for the first time, I was very impressed. The Damned & Beautiful Tour is a must-see this spring. The opening acts for the show were Trippie Redd & Phora with Anthony Russo.

Tour and Tickets: bit.ly/2EIDCVe

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