Harris Twins

Harris Twins: Jamison & Jontaʼ are Twinning to the Top

Asheboro, NC natives Jamison & Jonta’ Harris [The Harris Twins] are the newest emerging Style Influencers to hit Los Angeles and Instagram. Their chic and very stylish feed draws vast engagement from around the world. The twins dedication to uplifting people along their journey is inspiring.

What do you love about your hometown?
Jamison: THE FOOD. We love the restaurants & diners that our town had to offer.
Jonta: And, we love us some good ole Southern-style cooking & our hometown gave us just that.

Though you are twins, we’ve noticed you have two different styles, yet still complimenting each other. Can you describe your personal styles?
Jamison: It’s so refreshing that you guys noticed that. I would refer to my style as casual and trendy.
Jonta’: I would refer to my style as comfortable and eclectic.

Why did you choose to relocate to Los Angeles as opposed to New York City?
Jonta’: We chose to relocate to California instead of NY because we wanted to experience something entirely out of our element; a total change in culture.
Jamison: Plus, we wanted to be in a major city surrounded by other creatives, a place full of inspiration, & entertainment.

Harris Twins

Describe your brand in 3 words? 
Jonta’ & Jamison: Timeless, Inspirational, & Trendy.

Your Instagram feeds are LIT. Was it the plan to be Style Influencers from the beginning?
Jonta’: To be honest, no. We knew we were destined to be something great, but we had no clue as to what we truly wanted to do.
Jamison: After some time of us realizing our purpose there were two things we knew we loved: Inspiring others & we had a HUGE love for fashion, so it was just perfect to become Style Influencers.

With your popularity growing rapidly, how do you keep your egos in check?
Jamison: We have always had a modest and humble attitude; it’s how we were raised.
Jonta’: Yes, absolutely and our close friends & family aid in keeping us very grounded.

“We knew we were destined to be something great, but we had no clue as to what we truly wanted to do.”

Funny question. Who’s the sternest twin and who’s the most hilarious?
Jonta’: [Laughs] Well we’re both hilarious and have a great sense of humor.
Jamison: But, if we have to choose who is sterner then that award goes to Jonta’.

What separates you as individuals? Describe your personalities.
Jamison: Well a lot of people don’t know this but what separates us as individuals is that I am a lot more reserved and laid back. I instead attend more chilled and private events.
Jonta’: I am the extroverted twin. I like the turn-ups. I honestly enjoy the partying and having a fun time—it’s much needed.

Have you guys ever thought about doing a fashion line or capsule collection?
Jamison & Jonta’:  Oh Yes. We have thought about both. Starting out a capsule collection and then eventually having a prominent fashion line.

5-year plan?
Jonta’: Within the next five years we plan on continuing to create ourselves and continue to build and grow a reliable brand.
Jamison: We think it’s important to dedicate the upcoming years to learning, growing, networking, collaborating, and inspiring others to be the best them.

Color blocking or Black & White?
Jamison & Jonta’: Color Blocking

Who is your greatest inspiration?
Jamison & Jonta’: Ru Paul! He’s such a huge advocate in our lives and to the LGBT community. He has such a wise and woke spirit, it’s unbelievable. Ru inspires us to be our entrepreneurs and create better opportunities for ourselves.

He reminds us of the importance of self-love and how it is the number one key to success. I mean he says all the time, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen?”

Dream client to style?
Jamison: Solange
Jonta’: Rihanna

Dream event to attend?
Jamison & Jonta’: Milan & Paris Fashion Week



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