Last 2 Leave: Miami – A New Way of Experiencing the 305 Music Scene
Courtesy of Last 2 Leave. Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Underscore Talent)

Last 2 Leave: Miami – A New Way of Experiencing the 305 Music Scene

Miami is one of the country’s top nightlife hubs, making it the ideal location for the “Last 2 Leave” mansion – where a group of influencers and content creators live and have the opportunity to attend events and appearances throughout the week.

Keep reading to discover more about this unique shared experience and the ways in which Last 2 Leave has allowed influencers to connect with their audiences on another level.

Last 2 Leave: Miami – A New Way of Experiencing the 305 Music Scene
Courtesy of Last 2 Leave

What is the Last 2 Leave Mansion?

The Last 2 Leave mansion offers a group of content creators the chance to experience “V, VIP” musical events that will offer 24/7 access to their followers in the house and on private channels. Last 2 Leave incorporates music into the house’s DNA, with musical performers offering exclusive concerts at the house. 

This allows their followers to be part of the experience via social platforms and feel like they are right there with them. The music scene in Miami is one of the hottest in the country, and the L2L creators can share both the intimate house events and big events with their following.

Talking about the time spent in the L2L house, Jaylin James stated, “Joining the L2L house has really helped me observe how much time and effort is put into the music industry. The amount of prepping and planning for festivals and events has blown my mind due to the fact that there are numerous teams that have a role in making sure everything runs smoothly. I think most importantly I have gained a lot of insight into the music industry when it comes to how talented the artists are. I have always been a big music junkie, but this house has made me appreciate it even more.”

Last 2 Leave: Miami – A New Way of Experiencing the 305 Music Scene
Courtesy of Last 2 Leave

Upcoming Events for Summer 2022

This summer, there are some incredible events planned for the L2L creators. EDC Las Vegas takes place from May 20-22 and the Governor’s Ball in New York will be part of their schedule from June 10-12. Other highlights of the summer plans include Machine Gun Kelly at the FTX Arena in Miami, Haim at the FPL Solar Amphitheater in Miami, and Lollapalooza in Chicago. 

Throughout the summer, there will also be various DJ sets at Liv, Story, and other Miami-based Groot Hospitality establishments, as well as the chance to see other popular artists throughout the city and country.

Another resident of the L2L house, Sebastian Topete, shared, “Miami has a nightlife vibe that is off the charts. When you go out, there is a different excitement. The Latin culture infuses the music, people dress up, and stay up later. We had crazy access at the Okeechobee music festival, went on backstage tours, and attended the PoWow! Rehearsal, where we even got to challenge Papadosio to a game of Ping Pong. I’ve only lived in Miami for 2 months, but I’m loving it so far and so are my followers.”

Last 2 Leave: Miami – A New Way of Experiencing the 305 Music Scene
Courtesy of Last 2 Leave

Selecting the Creators for the House

In order to find the L2L creators, the team went through an extensive search to find people with thumb-stopping content, high engagement, expertise in their respective industries, and a passion for music, entertainment, and live events. 

The creators have designated filming dates and times, but apart from that, they manage their own personal schedules to capture content for their channels. As with any brand partnership, they have deadlines and deliverables for each of their campaigns. 

This may require them to attend certain events, but they are also offered the chance to go out and have fun creating their personal content.

When asked how the L2L experience has changed the way they connect with their followers, Javier Romero says, “Miami has allowed me to connect with my followers in various ways. Being part of this house gives me access to fun giveaways for my followers, which is something that not only involves them in my current lifestyle but gives them access to events I’m attending or merchandise that we are receiving. Attended numerous high-profile events like the Okeechobee music festival, where I got to dance on stage with EarthGang and George Clinton.  We went to the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl Music Fest, all were mind-blowing. All in all, Last2Leave bridges the gap I had with my followers and lets me connect with them more creatively through live events and new music experiences.”

It’s going to be an exciting summer for the creators in the Last 2 Leave mansion in Miami, and we can’t wait to hear what they get up to.

Make sure you follow along online to be part of some of the summer’s hottest music events.


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