Photo: Von Jackson (
Photo: Von Jackson (

Music Artist of the Week: Aina Brei’Yon

Aina Brei’Yon current album “The Black Lion” is raw and personal. This openly gay Hip-Hop artist can hold her own and has the flow to back it up.

She is currently preparing for her ‘The Black Lion Experience Tour’ slated to start the August 2019. Tickets go on sale in May in Atlanta, GA.


Where did you grow up? I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago Roseland area.

Who were your musical influences? The artists that inspired me at the time that I started writing music was Da Brat, 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, plus more.

Tell us about your current album. My latest project is titled “The Black Lion.” On this album, I express myself freely. No specific genre or image to limit myself to; I just took 18 different moments and wrote about how I felt as those moments took place.

What should fans expect from your latest project? My supporters can expect me in my rawest and rarest form. They can expect me. Expect to dance, laugh, cry, scream, relate, and feel good.

Why is it important for you to be transparent as an openly gay hip-hop artist? I believe it’s important because people need to see and know the real you. A lot of people believe that they are alone in what they go through in life, and my transparency shows them that they are not.

Do you receive any backlash on Social Media? I can honestly say that I do not receive a lot of backlash on social media. I believe people know who they can and can not try.

Photographer: Wildy Civil - @NikonPapi -
Photographer: Wildy Civil – @NikonPapi –

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your career in the music industry? I wish I knew how to produce my own music when I first started. I love having full creative control. That would have saved me a lot of hassle back then.

If you could have a rap battle with any artist(s), who would you choose and why? That’s an interesting question. I started as a battle rapper before I began to write conceptual songs. I choose Joe Budden because he’s a genius and he makes you think. I have learned a lot from him.

Dream collaboration(s)? I would love to collab with Bruno Mars and Miguel.

Outside of music, what are your other passions? I love to cook, read, and take photos of beautiful beings.

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