Private Nudes by Leonardo Glauso Captivates!

Private Nudes by Leonardo Glauso

Private Nudes - Leonardo Glauso

Leonardo Glauso carefully curated images take you on a journey giving you a glimpse at how individuals and couples express themselves in their private lives. If you’re a fan of artistic and creative nudes, this is the photo book for you.

Nudism is a culture. ‘Private Nudes’ captivates every moment in this fine art book for the aficionado who loves unapologetic nudity with a few bold twists. Nudist and fans of Leonardo Glauso’s work will appreciate his vision throughout the book. If you’re an admirer and collector of nudity books, it’s worth the investment. One of the best photo books out today!

You can order a copy of the book at Goliath Books.

ISBN: 978-3-95730-024-9
US$ 34.99 / £ 23.99 / € 24,99

About Leonardo Glauso

Leonardo Glauso is an Italian fashion photographer, editor, and founder of Resuer Magazine, an international fashion publication. Born in Florence in 1989, Glauso first started photographing at the age of 20 and has since found his niche and passion in fashion photography. Currently based in Milan, Glauso enjoys working with models from around the globe and collaborating with major international fashion agencies. His work has been featured in publications such as GQ, P Magazine, Penthouse, Schön! and C-Heads.

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