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SELLAH Used Willpower For EP ‘Every Dream Has Nightmares’

California-born Hip-Hop and R&B performer SELLAH is tough to pin down. The thirty-year-old model, rapper, singer, and dancer left Hawaii to chase a dream across the world. 

Bouncing from Asia, Europe, and the USA, obtaining vast industry connections before finding himself in Cape Town, South Africa. 

From packing rare eclectic live shows to magazine covers and international collaborations, he’s becoming a bastion for a small still global entertainment scene he’s helping to create the SELLAH brand, so to speak.


SELLAH: Every Dream Has Nightmares

Every Dream Has Nightmares, his new album, is a subtle and absorbing statement. As he says himself, Sellah has the vision. A multifaceted presence on the mic, he acknowledges his position as not only an artist but plug, building an audience for new artists or putting artists in front of new audiences. SELLAH’s vision is one where everybody wins. 

Produced by LA-based South African native, Cody Dank, the collection spans the boundaries of Soul, Rap and Dance music, SELLAH’s most diverse and distinctly modern project yet. 

An emotional palette that goes from an ambitious leader to lovestruck. It’s also confrontational and celebrational in a matter of minutes. 

Eight tracks, in his own words, lay bare his life, his experiences, anger, vulnerability, strangeness, and confidence. It’s an expression of mood and intent, more than anything. 

With an experimental ear for production and star-like confidence in delivery, tracks like Oats cement his mission. It’s an acceptance of personal growth, his chosen path, and an invitation to grow alongside him. 

Coupled with Who I am, SELLAH’s intentions are made clear: to give his all to every commitment; that every career move and every artistic choice founded in both personal and mutual development. 

In my eyes, the best I feel I can do is lead by example. 
Do what I feel is not being done. 
Say what I feel is not being said enough.

It’s an ethos that bleeds into every aspect of his artistry. It’s how he delivers studio quality with a USB mic from BestBuy and drops fiery tracks with producers in LA, Denmark, Miami, and beyond. It’s how he balances music, his magazine IMMO and his model-scouting company WLD Management

“I’ve been told ‘NO’ a thousand times. I never had someone take me and push me higher than myselfI always outworked my peers and management in the past. I found ways to travel with no money, and when I need money, I still find a way to get it. When a passion is real, nothing can stop you but YOU.”

That hustle, like so many genuine entertainers, defines him—the drive to create and cultivate new relationships no matter the circumstance. To drop what doesn’t work, always stay learning, humble, and never forgetting his worth. 

“The brand is connected with helping to give back and shape a better day for the poverty I’m seeing here in Africa but also worldwide. I’ll use all my power to help entertain, and at the same time, empower. 

Pushing how to get it but, at the same time, how to give back to the world and take less. Showing how to really make a difference selflessly, but always standing up for yours. 

This music is just a voice. Music is my life and my passion, but the plans are more significant than this music.”

From The Heart

Much of that grand plan is rooted in Cape Town, South Africa. Moving there on a whim, SELLAH found a new love. He credits the city and the bonds made for his healing, as well as the maturation of his creativity. He calls it his hyperbolic time chamber. 

“I ended up getting my work Visa and fell in love with this place. I saw potential in my career from a global standpoint–and even more with my music–in me coming back and forth here. 

I know I can’t stay here forever, but I feel valued here. My talents, mind, and soul are all growing exponentially and simultaneously.

Me moving here, putting on the people and this country, is my way of planting seeds of loyalty, longevity, and respect. South Africa is the first place I can say is my home. It is the first place in the world that took me seriously as a whole.”

Teaming up with creatives like producers Chris Gulle, Cosmo and Kristian Berg, producing music, or an art collective / Hip-Hop label: ‘Bottom Rock.’

The intent is to put on live shows and give a platform to aspiring rappers; it seems he’ll only continue to grow in his newfound home. As will those around him. 

“This is my life. I can never let up or choose differently. I tell myself every day to always keep putting me and my intents out there. A reminder to let go of the fear of failing again. Low key, that’s how we win.”

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Download or Stream his latest EP/Album ‘Every Dream Has Nightmares’ here.

Words: Alec Brynard @brynarda
Album cover artwork: Marc Brynard @marc_brynard
EP/Album Producer: Cody Dank aka Yung Dank @yungdank

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