Joel Schumacher: Backstage at Design Department Düesseldorf

Runway: SHOW Number Nine at Design Department Düsseldorf

Design Department Düesseldorf showcased their annual student fashion show to highlight emerging fashion designers. The show represented what’s new in fashion in the eyes of these talented designers.

Student showcases are essential to give future designers of the world experience with presenting their designs on the runway with fast-paced productions and understand the importance of time management.

Date: February 23, 2018
Design Department, Düesseldorf, Germany
Location:  STAHLWERK, Ronsdorfer Str. 134, 40233 Düesseldorf
Hair: P.A.M. Hairstyle & College
Makeup: Famous Face Academy
Photographer: Yulia Reznikov

About Design Department Düsseldof

In a world of rapid economic change, creative thinkers and lateral thinkers are more in demand than ever before, of vital importance to the development of a whole society. Globalization, changed social structures and demographic change create framework conditions that demand new perspectives on our working world. The entire western world is currently discovering the “creative industries” as a trendsetting employment industry and thus a market that expects completely new skills.

Interdisciplinary thinking, acting and working, social, intercultural and communicative competence, as well as creativity, are key skills in a creative, creative working process that can neither be automated nor outsourced. The basis for this is created by new educational ideas, which require both interdisciplinary, conceptual, as well as project- and practice-oriented training.

The DESIGN DEPARTMENT DÜSSELDORF provides a teaching concept that focuses precisely on these areas. On the one hand, it aims to enable innovative, zeitgeist and aesthetic solutions to be produced. On the other hand, the process of self-reflection for the shaping of an individual personal handwriting and a strong personality should be promoted and condensed in this place.