Brooks Proctor

Spotlight: Brooks Proctor ‘SQUARE BEAR’

Kansas City-native (now residing in Los Angeles), Brooks Proctor produces clothing for the cool, nerdy quirky creatives. His brand, Square Bear plans to expand to kids with hopes of styling North West.


Where did you grow up? 
Kansas City, KS.

What inspired Square Bear?
The need for something different. Wanted to make cool clothes for my fellow nerdy, quirky creatives.

How long have you been a designer?
5 years

Dream client? 
Donald Glover (adult line) and North West (kid’s line).

Do you have a Brick and Mortar store? 
We did a 30-day pop-up store at the Northridge Mall (in California) last year. We tripled our predicted numbers in February. February is considered the worse month for retail.

Does social media help push your sales?
Yes, it does. Helps us connect with our audience and reach new leads worldwide.

Any challenges? 
Finding the perfect demographic to market to. Everyone loves the bear. 🙂

Plans for growth?
Yes. We’re going to roll out our kid’s line soon!

What’s your favorite piece? Why?
Varsity jacket/original black hoodie….compliments galore. Haha.

Any shout outs?
S/O to OBVIOUS Magazine who we’ve always looked up to and watched from afar. This magazine is the epitome of what hard work, class and effortless creativity/style look like. Thanks for this opportunity.

Instagram  @mysquarebear