Top 5 Best Instagram Minimalist Pages [#1 is not a celebrity]

Best Instagram Minimalist

We’ve selected our Best Instagram Minimalist pages that will keep you engaged and inspired ranked from 1 – 5. Their pages are superbly curated, engaging, and deserve a follow. All of the creatives stand out from the crowd. Side note: The #1 Instagrammer is not a celebrity.


#1 – Ian Elkins, Blogger/Content Creator | @ianelkins

We’ve been a fan of Ian’s page for years and love the mood of his feed. It’s dark, sophisticated, and consistent throughout. Ian takes his page very serious and it shows in every post. From time to time, you can watch him do retouching tutorials and give advice via his Instagram Live. His Instagram feed is simply beautiful!


#2 – Drew Scott, Lifestyle Blogger/YouTuber | @imdrewscott

We discovered Drew via his YouTube Channel (334,000+ subscribers). His videos are informative and he teaches you how to perfect your Instagram photos and so much more. Drew’s sense of style projects in his wardrobe and private home life. His Instagram feed consists of light and dark mixture. Check him out!


#3 – Jaden Smith, Musician/Actor | @c.syresmith

You and I know who his famous parents are. Let’s focus on him and his Instagram page. Jaden Smith’s feed uses the Rule of 3s. His posts are placed usually in multiples of 3 and sometimes he uses the same image repeatedly yet it works for him and his flow. Another quality we love is his use of video and imagery placement with creative fonts. This adds creativity and promotes his unique feed style.


#4 – Brian Morr, Lifestyle Blogger | @sinkthesun

Brian Morr’s feed consists of the latest trends (all worn by him), travel, lifestyle, and food. His feels so effortless and clean. Men who love style without having to think about it too much will love this page. This page is very inviting and calm.



#5 – The Pharooh | @thepharooh

The Pharooh’s IG page is unapologetic, sarcastic with a touch of feminism sexuality. We don’t know who runs this page and wonder if the page is curated by a man or woman. Maybe one day The Pharooh will reveal him/herself or maybe they are already revealed conservatively in one of the posts. The feed is mainly a collection of images from other sources.

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Screenshot ©Instagram accounts: @ianelkins, @imdrewscott, @c.syresmith, @sinkthesun, and @thepharooh.