15 Artists to Watch in 2022

15 Artists to Watch in 2022 + Tour Announcements

For this year’s selections, we’ve highlighted 15 artists to watch in 2022 who are taking on the mission of reconnecting with their audiences and giving us a reason to heal, celebrate, and come together.

Connection. The collective running theme in 2022 as the world discovers how to operate in a per-COVID reality, finds a renewed meaning to life, and reconnects with others near and abroad for healing, celebration, and affirmation. 

This great reawakening couldn’t be more genuine for music artists who have been anxious to practice the entirety of their creative freedom, delivering their music directly to their fans and global listeners.

While music has helped us get through some of the most challenging times of our modern lives, it’s as prevalent as ever, with society roaring back and reclaiming the closeness and intimacy that only in-person performances can deliver. 

15 Artists to Watch in 2022: Creative Freedom Sets the Stage for an Era of Reconnection

Taylor Taylor:  15 Artists to Watch in 2022 + Tour Announcements
Photo Credit: Marlowe Teichman | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Taylor Taylor – Hailing from Michigan, Taylor Taylor (yes, that’s her real name) is a singer, songwriter, and producer who finds inspiration in her classical guitar’s 7ths and 9ths finger picks. 

Taking on a mix of indie, soul, and pop, Taylor often finds herself crafting songs influenced by objects, like candles, the striped sweater from that one Spongebob episode, and heavenly bodies. 

Her most recent song, released on March 4, 2022, is titled “What’s Bothering You? (Acoustic),” and is a reimagined version of an older song she created, now adapted for live settings. 

The music video dropped in April, and Taylor looks forward to reconnecting with listeners in-person again and performing at summer music festivals and concert series in Michigan.

Where to Download & Purchase “What’s Bothering You?”: All digital music streaming platforms and TaylorTaylorMusic.com.

Instagram: @taylor2music
Photo Credit: Marlowe Teichman (@lowetakesphotos)

Eli Liberty: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Blake Martin | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Eli Liberty – One who doesn’t restrict himself to one genre of music, Eli Liberty is influenced by music, describing himself as a rhythm and pop artist. 

With his latest single, “ODDS.” having released on February 25, 2022, Eli followed up with the Performance Version of the song dropping in April on Vevo, Apple Music, and Tidal. 

In addition to music, Eli has started an anti-bullying campaign coupled with merchandise named “ANTI BULLY.” Top that with all the new music he has on the way, fans can look forward to an upcoming live performance in Atlanta this June, where he plans to reveal some of his latest projects.

Where to Download & Purchase “ODDS.”: All digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @eliliberty_
Photo Credit: Blake Martin @mrblakemartin

Darro: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Mike Monto | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Darro – Breaking through stereotypes and expectations, Darro is a pop-punk, emo artist inspired by life’s physical and emotional traumas. 

Being Asian-American in a white-dominated category, Darro proudly harps on the things that make him different while making a concentrated effort to help people who feel bogged down by trauma instead feel welcome and understood. 

Set to release a new album, Accidents, on September 9, 2022, Darro will be going on tour beginning July 1, 2022 — after two years of postponements due to COVID — with all cities and dates viewable on Songkick by searching “Darro.” 

Having released new material since the onset of the pandemic, this tour marks a special opportunity to reconnect with fans with live, new music.

Where to Download & Purchase Accidents & See Upcoming Tour Dates and Cities: Spotify and https://links.darrochea.comTour Cities and Dates: https://www.songkick.com/artists/9584934-darro/calendar

Instagram: @darro_c
Photo Credit: Mike Monto (@mokeminto)

SZNS: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Robbie Joseph | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

SZNS – This pop duo, searching for their other half, has been in the music game for about two years and is deeply influenced by the classic 90s girl group sound and their own lives and experiences. 

Tight-lipped about their upcoming projects, SZNS are excited to experiment and work with new voices on a few songs they’ve recently written. 

Firm believers that music is better experienced in person, SZNS looks forward to reconnecting with fans and listeners this year with live performances.

Where to Download & Purchase SZNS: Spotify and all other digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @sznsofficial
Photo Credit: Robbie Joseph (@robbiejoseph)

KANIN: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Matt Coughlin | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

KANIN – It’s not often that you hear of an artist making their own waves who also grew up practicing with one of the most influential rappers of this generation. 

The reality for Antonio “KANIN” White, who grew up in Compton trading bars with Kendrick Lamar and featured in “The Big Hit Show,” which focused on the star. Also a businessman, KANIN has his own record label, WinWin Music, LLC, and founded Flightroom Studios with his business partners, Jay Dnairo and Kojja. 

His most recent releases are “Bad Boyz” prod. by Mav=$ (December 17, 2021), “Swish” prod. by Grammy-winner Dem Jointz (February 11, 2022), and “Sidewayz” prod. by Benzo Yungins (March 25, 2022), with an accompanying music video. KANIN’s upcoming EP, GOLDMIND, is expected to be released on or around his birthday, July 23, 2022.

Where to Download & Purchase “Bad Boyz,” “Swish,” “Sidewayz,” and the Upcoming EP, GOLDMIND: All digital music streaming platforms and itskanin.com.

Instagram: @itskanin
Photo Credit: Matt Coughlin (@mattcoughlinstudio)

Adria Kain: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Chrris Lowe | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Adria Kain – Capturing the essence of neo-soul flawlessly, Adria Kain is influenced by Frank Ocean, SZA, Nick Hakim, and Dijon, to name a few. 

Having opened for BJ The Chicago Kid, Miguel, Ari Lennox, and Questlove, Adria first debuted her music in 2016 with ‘Ocean.’ Since then, she has released several singles and two EPs – DE{com}pressed and Still in Love, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

Connecting deeply with nature, its influence on her work is evident in her latest album, When Flowers Bloom (February 11, 2022), accompanied by its single, “Only With Time.”

Where to Download & Purchase When Flowers Bloom & “Only With Time”: All digital music streaming platforms, and https://venice.lnk.to/WhenFlowersBloom, the live COLORS Session is available on YouTube.

Instagram: @adriakain
Photo Credit: Chrris Lowe (@chrrislowe)

Luna Luna: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Jinni J. | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Luna Luna – Originally the solo project of Colombian-born, Dallas-bred Kevin “Kaavi” González (Vocalist), under the Luna Luna moniker, this alt-pop, genre-bending Latinx/é band expanded with time to include Danny Bonilla (Keys/ Back-up Vocalist), Kaylin Martinez (Drums), and Ryan “Gordo” Gordon (Bassist/Back-up Vocalist). 

Their debut LP, Flower Moon, created during the pandemic and released on August 13, 2021, beautifully floats listeners through an emotional journey brimming with bouncy grooves, mood-provoking melodies, and captivating harmonies. 

With the band’s success stemming largely from social media, the “Flower Moon Tour” kicked off their first live performances and their most extended tour to date (November 10, 2021 – April 28, 2022), featuring special guests, BOYO, Alex Siegel, Estereomance, Dent May, Pearl & the Oysters, and Dreamgirl. 

Upcoming shows and events include: 

  • THE DROP-IN (June 30th)
  • Latin Alternative Music Conference (NYC – July 5th-7th)
  • MXLAN Festival (McAllen, TX – July 29th)
  • Noche Cosmica @ The Ford (Los Angeles, CA – October 1st)

Where to Download & Purchase Flower Moon: https://independent.ffm.to/flowermoon or https://www.lunalunaband.com/, and all digital music streaming platforms, live Audiotree Session available on YouTube.

Instagram: @lunalunaband
Photo Credit: Jinni J. (@heyjinnij._)

Drake Murphy: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Ewelina Polnicka | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Drake Murphy – Relishing in his self-titled genre of “urban eclecticism,” Drake Murphy has a style that seamlessly glides between jazz, rock, country, and R&B, to name a few. 

Deeply reflective, Drake’s inspirations stem from his own life experiences — an unlimited fountain of content for expression. His latest release, “Myself,” echoes this theme clearly as the first single from an upcoming collection titled, The Adventures of An Earth Cookie

“Myself” plays on stringy melodies, comforting keys, climaxing horns, and emotionally raw vocals for an insightful story of a hero on a journey to self-rediscovery, to be himself again after experiencing loss and a shift in identity. 

While singles from The Adventures of An Earth Cookie will release throughout 2022, Drake sees this year as a time to cherish each moment with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Where to Download & Purchase “Myself” & Upcoming Collection, The Adventures of An Earth Cookie: All digital music streaming platforms, including playlists on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

Instagram: @drakemurphyofficial
Photo Credit: Ewelina Polnicka (@my1way2)

Michl: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: John Liwag | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Michl – There’s something unique about a former architect turned artist. Bolivian-Mexican artist, Michl, has a unique perspective in his work, applying much of his previous career’s careful and intentional creativity to his artistry. 

Michl has collaborated with Finneas & Billie Eilish, Mura Masa, and Tove Lo, with committed fans at Billboard, Paper, and Complex. 

Still heavily inspired by architecture, “Self” (April 12, 2022) displays his love for contrasting designs and songs with long dynamic ranges. It is the first release from his upcoming LP, form follows function, out later this year.

Where to Download & Purchase “Self” and Upcoming LP, form follows function: All digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @thisismichl
Photo Credit: John Liwag @johnliwag

TRP.P: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Shaunyah Weerasinghe | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

TRP.P – A Canadian hip-hop and R&B duo from Toronto, TRP.P (pronounced “trip- py”) is made up of Russ and Phoenix who love to craft the classic 90s soul sounds often found in the “coolest clubs and playlists.”

Inspired by Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, their lived experiences, and musical favorites, like Jazmine Sullivan, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston, the duo released their latest single, “Way I Like” on April 12, 2022.

“Way I Like” is a playful, flirtatious song of wordplay between Phoenix and Truss, and the third single from their upcoming album, due to be released in late June.

In addition, TRP.P will be performing on upcoming tour dates with Canadian rapper, Shad, and performing at JUNOfest – JUNOs being the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys.

Where to Download & Purchase “Way I Like” & the Upcoming Album: Save and Listen here: https://orcd.co/wayilike

Instagram: @wearetrpp
Photo Credit: Shaunyah Weerasinghe

REBBY: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: John Kang | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

REBBY – With her first single, “Love Like Before,” released in October of 2021, REBBY is quickly garnering attention for her multi-genre-inspired vocals. 

Influenced by Jessie J, Tori Kelly, Yebba, and many others, it’s no wonder she aspires to be genuine and kind, not only as an artist but as a human being. 

While she has been connecting with various individuals and talents through the internet over the last two years, REBBY is excited for what 2022 has in store as she finds gratitude in the many unexpected connections brought on by the pandemic. 

Expect more collaborations and releases from REBBY very soon.

Where to Download & Purchase “Love Like Before” & Upcoming Releases: All digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @rebby_han
Photo Credit: John Kang (@johns_streetjournal)

B.Slade: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Jeremiah Drummond; Designer: Aaron Potts; Creative Director: Neil Lavon; Male Grooming: INNAGLOW Beauty | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

B.Slade – A singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and visionary, among other notable titles, B.Slade has an extensive resume and history of work with some of your favorite music legends, like Patti LaBelle, where he and Eric Seats are creative directors on her current tour. 

Finding inspiration within both the conventional and unconventional, he lists Quentin Tarantino, Janet Jackson, Disney, overheard conversations, and even photosynthesis as some of the sources where he finds creative flow while expertly blending genres from trap to pop and rock to soul. 

B.Slade has crafted his own genre of “nureau,” an eclectic mix of futuristic and progressive sounds influenced by mainstream and modern favorites. A mesmerizing vocalist, his upcoming projects include two new singles, “Nervous” and “Wanna Play,” to be released this summer. 

These first singles will arrive from My Modern Manhood. His newest album, expected to release this autumn explores the revelations and self-discoveries of an already-hunted Black man and how he copes with survival during the exasperated hardships of a lockdown caused by the pandemic.

Where to Download & Purchase “Nervous,” “Wanna Play,” & Upcoming Album, My Modern Manhood: All digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @bsladenow
Photo Credit: Jeremiah Drummond (@jeremiah_drummond); Designer: Aaron Potts (@apottscollection); Creative Director: Neil Lavon (@neillavon); Male Grooming: INNAGLOW Beauty (@innaglow.beauty)

Pretty Sister: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Zak Cassar | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Pretty Sister – Born and raised in Los Angeles, Pretty Sister grew up with a front-row seat to witness history’s most influential and unique sounds originating from the West Coast. 

A blend of neo-soul, pop, and country influences topped off with West Coast defining classic hip-hop sounds, this artist’s most recent album, Catalina, taps into the essences of 90s R&B favorites, like D’ Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, and Jon B. Catalina tells the emotional story of an on and off-again relationship, from the playful guitar riffs of “Want it Too,” to the retro-esque, regretful moodiness of “Pull Me Back.” 

This year, Pretty Sister looks forward to live performances and 

Where to Download & Purchase Catalina: All digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @prettysistermusic
Photo Credit: Zak Cassar (@zcassar)

Sycco: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

Sycco – Pronounced’ psycho,’ this 20-year-old Brisbane, Australia-based and First Nations writer, producer, and artist is, otherwise known as Sasha McLeod, recently released a bouncy, psychedelic pop track titled “Superstar” (March 23, 2022) via Future Classic. 

Written and produced by Sycco, with co-production by Kon Kersting, the track is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the pervasive desire to be famous, slowly elevating into a hypnotic, airy whirlwind of enveloping harmonies, basslines, and synths. Currently touring the UK/EU throughout May, Sycco will be opening for Tame Impala in Australia throughout December. 

Where to Download & Purchase “Superstar”: SoundCloud and all digital music streaming platforms.

Instagram: @syccoworld
Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski (@cybism)

OddSouLL: 15 Artists to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: Raine Elise | 15 Artists to Watch in 2022

OddSouLL – A new artist, OddSouLL is shrouded in mystery as he develops musically but usually falls into an urban sound. 

Inspired by his relationships and the music he was listening to at the time, his sound, influenced by R&B and neo-soul, includes Frank Ocean, Erykah Badu, and Jhene Aiko. OddSouLL’s first EP, On My Way, was recorded at the height of the pandemic and released on November 11, 2020. 

He looks forward to releasing new music in 2022.

Where to Download & Purchase On My Way and Upcoming Music: All digital music streaming platforms.
Instagram: @oddsoull
Photo Credit: Raine Elise (@_raineclouds)

15 Artists to Watch in 2022

You can stay connected with each artist via their Instagram pages and websites. As always, please support emerging and independent recording artists.

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