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Ask A Brand: Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna at Congés Fine Jewelry

Congés is a sustainable brand that has partnered with influencer Adaleta Avdić to create The Marqué Collection Coin charm which focuses on self-empowerment. Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna, owner and designer of Congés Fine Jewelry talks the inspiration to the brand’s start and what clients should be aware of when wearing the designs. 

Tell us a little about yourself. At what point in your life did you first encounter the vision for Congés and understood the need to bring it to life? 

I’m a proud mother to an almost-four-year-old boy. I’m also a wife to a pretty good man who has been 99% supportive of my business. I feel like I’ve lived a very lucky life for the most part. I can’t tell you exactly at what point I had the vision. I genuinely think it’s been building itself in my mind for years and years prior. Congés Fine Jewelry conceptually hatched itself upon my return from my honeymoon.  

With the message of self-empowerment being at the forefront of The Marqué Collection Coin in collaboration with influencer Adaleta Avdić, what inspired you to choose the specific phrase “+ aujord‘ hui –qu’hier,” especially in relation to sustainability? 

We are more, know more, may accomplish more today than we did yesterday. This coin is about self-love, self-growth, self-empowerment, and self-determination. We need to take care of ourselves and love ourselves to be able to love others and allow others to love us. Everything starts here. I was initially inspired by an old French saying, once incorporated into jewelry. It says, “I will love you more tomorrow than I did yesterday.”

I have memories of my aunt wearing and cherishing a pendant my uncle gifted that had this saying engraved. I liked seeing it and hearing about the time he gave it to her. On the same token (no pun intended), I felt there needed to be more to it. To get to the more, I felt we needed to strip it down of everything else around. And that’s just what I did — rebuilt it with the essentials for oneself — a coin designed for essentials. 

Congés Fine Jewelry

Sustainability is a term I would use for this piece in multiple ways. Let me start with the self again. If you are YOUR true self and love yourself confidently, it is far easier to deal with the everyday mundane that is out there. You will not dwell on why something didn’t work out with a partner, or at school, or in a friendship, because you know something different and better for you is right in front of you waiting. I’d recognize that as self-sustainability. I want to make that a saying: SELF-SUSTAINABILITY!

In reference to our beautiful and incredible planet and nature: It is with our self-awareness and education, that we should all make our effort in keeping our surroundings clean and healthy. Recycle, Respect, Return the favor to the planet that has worked so hard to keep us well in so many ways. 

Many people do not instantly think of sustainability when it comes to fine jewelry. What caused you to want to take this specific route? 

Everything is really simple when you get rid of the fluff. From the moment I decided in my adolescence that I genuinely wanted to help make a positive mark on the planet, I knew what I did in my career had to have the essence to all grades of things needed to a certain level. I have so much I want to do and slightly feel that I am running out of time to do it. I love fashion, nature, people, teamwork, storytelling, and learning.

To create a jewelry line that has all these components was my initial goal, and I achieved it! If you look around, there are so many, so so many jewelry designers from around the world that make beautiful gold jewelry. I didn’t get into the field for that purpose. 

Tell us more about The Marqué Collection. What does a coin represent for you, and how do you see the symbols reflected in your own life in an unexpected way? 

The Marqué Collection consists of 3 different designs and pieces. Each piece in this collection serves a purpose and has various symbols on them. 

The Locket is created uniquely, representing all that is held close to your heart. 

The Pendulum is for Mind, Body, and Soul. It can be used as a pendulum because of the way I created the design. The Pendulum has a percentage of the proceeds that will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetic Association.

Traditionally, a coin is used as currency. But to many, coins are collected and kept close to the heart. I feel there is good energy in feeling spiritual guidance through a coin. 

The Marqué collection beholds a unique currency of its own, the power of the divine universe and its beauty. Each symbol on all three designs within the collection are not only determined by my life but determined by everyone’s life; whether you are currently aware of it or not. There is so much research that goes into each design. 

Of all your collections, which do you find to be a personal favorite? 

I am in love with all the collections I have made so far. If I wasn’t, there is no chance I would design them. But to answer the question, I would have to say the Signature Collection is my favorite. I can’t live without it. It is my first design; it’s my baby. It works for all types of people and situations.

Congés Fine Jewelry

It’s a versatile patented design made to be worn in a variety of ways: as a barrel, hanging as a choker, layered, an anklet, or even a bracelet. I currently use about 19 different stones in yellow and rose gold within this collection. As I truly believe stones carry energies and cosmic properties, it’s fascinating to me to see what each individual chooses for themselves and loved ones. It’s simple and interesting and beautiful all in one. 

What is the one thing that you want your clients to be conscious of when wearing your designs?

Well, let’s start with the vision that jewelry is an extension of yourself. My pieces are meant to remind you that you are and should (always) feel safe, lucky, and loved. If you are one and true to yourself, then nature will treat you the same. Appreciate all around you. None of my stones are treated for this very reason. They are untouched and raw, shaped to size by hand.

We are all the same, but different in so many ways. Each of our shades is a little different. Some of us have been more scuffed up than others, but we all live and breathe in the same environment. This makes us all connected as more than just a human race but as a more profound entity with many expansive branches. All is one, and one is all. Wear my designs not because they are beautiful, but because you are beautiful.

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