Cover Model, Re’Chard Applewhite-Turner

Re'Chard Applewhite-Turner

Cover Model, Re’Chard Applewhite-Turner

Re'chard Applewhite-Turner

Re’Chard Applewhite-Turner is one of our six cover models featured for the Model Issue photographed Marc Vincent and styled by Demetrius T. Photographed in Philly.

Pink Top • Retrospect Vintage
Jeans • Forever 21
Pins • Triiuz

Full Look • Spot86

Re'chard Applewhite-Turner

Set • Suede Square
Shoes • Nordstrom

Jean Overalls/Jacket/Shirt • Zara
Shoes • Doll Kill

Re'chard Applewhite-Turner

Full Look • Momo Larue

Look • Spot86 (real butterflies used)

Re'chard Applewhite-Turner

Velvet Top • Retrospect Vintage
Flower Pin • Triiuz
Velvet Bottom • Suede Square

Oversized Blazer • Givenchy
Pants • Spot86
Shoes • Topshop

Model Issue: Re'chard Applewhite-Turner

Full look  Spot86

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