Lovello Elizabeth - Slit Dress Orange
Slit Dress Orange

Q+A: Lovello Elizabeth Delivers Quality Comfort With Vision

Started in 2014, Lovello Elizabeth was born from a vision of delivering a luxurious and sport-chic experience through fashion.

A South Philadelphia native, Alnika Lovello began making clothing that was an expression of self and watched it grow into a synonymous name with class and comfort.  

Worn by the likes of Vanessa SimmonsMegan Thee Stallion, and Claire Sulmers. Lovello Elizabeth is consistent in their message of supporting cultural acceptance, diversity, and unity. 

Lovello Elizabeth
Founder: Alnika Lovello

What prompted you to create Lovello Elizabeth? What were the needs you saw in the fashion industry that made it a necessity at that time?

I had no experience in fashion, just Google as my best friend to help me understand how I could start a brand.

January 2014, I started with 24 screen printed T-shirts; everything was all just for fun. A few months later, I found a manufacturer and started making some handcrafted items I sold out of my trunk.

The new lens placed on the reality we are in right now presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. How has this impacted your mindset towards your business from its start to now? 

When I started, it was about fun and fulfilling my vision of what I would like my business to look like. As the brand grew, I was often halted with the reality that the brand was growing beyond my reach and that I needed more hands-on-deck with experience. 

Times have been challenging, but it has presented opportunities for my business to grow from the inside out. We’ve used this time to expand our team and refocus our goals. Our ideal future has morphed to be able to withstand economic devastation. 

What is your design process in making new collections? What do you focus on from a creative perspective, and from what sources do you draw inspiration?

The first thing I ask with whatever we create is: Is it comfortable and will fit well?

I also focus on making sure that I can get more than one wear from it and style it in different ways. Sustainability and longevity are on our minds when it comes to the design and functionality of the pieces created. 

Most of my inspiration comes from the music and movies that I love. My design process is filled with music blasting, my team bouncing ideas around, and creating timeless pieces like my personal works.

Many people in the creative field struggle to see their brand as a voice, and now realizing having an amazing product or service is not enough. What you do as you are moving towards a goal is just as important as celebrating the end result. 

What message do you want people to feel through your brand, and what advice would you give to those trying to find their voice among the noise?

My advice to others would always be to support solutions to any issues within the systems that you are passionate about. Ensure that your message is consistent with your views and actions so that it translates to your audience. 

With our brand, we would like for people to express their comfort within themselves. We exude simplicity and authenticity. 

I make sure that my team participates in at least two community service events per year that any of us are passionate about. We listen to one another and learn from each other. 

Lovello Elizabeth - Bubble Gum Crop Hoodie
Bubble Gum Crop Hoodie

Since the start of Lovello Elizabeth, what was one of the most significant challenges that you had to overcome that you now see as a unique catalyst to your success? 

Building a team was the hardest challenge that we’ve had to overcome, but it has become our greatest reward. Our team brings so much diversity in skill to the table and catapulted the brand in the best ways. 

I’ve learned how to communicate my vision to others, and they’ve been able to become, in a sense, my brain. 

What are you excited about in the coming years for Lovello Elizabeth? 

We’ll be creating a brand experience on the website for customers shopping online. We’re also working on an expansion, pop-up shops, exclusive collections, and some dope people/brands to collaborate with. 

We’re excited for what’s to come and think everyone will really enjoy what’s next.

Lovello Elizabeth - Mens Half Zip Short Set
Men’s Half Zip Short Set

IG: @lovelloelizabeth
Twitter: @OfficialLovello

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