Alozius Sserwanga | PH: Oneal Eyes
Alozius Sserwanga | PH: Oneal Eyes

Body & Beauty: Introducing Alozius Sserwanga

Alozius Sserwanga is a Kampala, Uganda-based model who dreams of working in New York City. A personal trainer helped him overcome a body image issue.

Age: 27

Where do you reside: Kampala, Uganda

Instagram: @sserwanga_alozius

What’s your definition of confidence? Standing up for what you believe in, being true to self and talk less allowing your work speak; relax and enjoy your life efforts.

Alozius Sserwanga | PH: Oneal Eyes
Alozius Sserwanga | PH: Oneal Eyes

Have you ever had body image issues? Yes. In 2014, my left shoulder was bigger than my right side shoulder. I had to train for 3 months with a personal trainer to get it back to its proper look.

Dream job or gig? MOVIE ACTOR. Hollywood is everyone’s dream come true. So there you go. Even if I am doing extra work, that would mean the world to me.

Favorite modeling experience? The first time I walked the runway I was very nervous but very excited at the same time.

Dream destination to travel and why? New York baby. It’s a big city with lots of modeling gigs. Many opportunities are created, and I feel in such a city my dreams can come true.

Favorite quote? “Class attracts class.” and “Invest in your self, opportunities worth your work will come your way.”

Photographer Oneal Eyes | Instagram @oneal_eyes

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