Amyah Andrews | PH: BJ Colston
Amyah Andrews | PH: BJ Colston

Body & Beauty: Introducing Amyah Andrews

Amyah Andrews

Amyah Andrews | PH: Christopher Pollard
Amyah Andrews | PH: Christopher Pollard

Amyah Andrews used what people made fun of to here advantage. Love from her family & friends helped her value self-love and confidence. She resides in Sacramento, California.

Age: 18

Where do you reside: Sacramento, California

Instagram? @amyah.xoxx

What’s your definition of confidence? Confidence to me means being comfortable in your skin. Knowing that no matter what your size or skin color is you are beautiful. You are extraordinary, and you can accomplish anything you set your heart desire. Being confident is about being in control and not allowing others to dictate what you are capable of doing or who you are capable of being. Self-love is great love, and with that, you can be confident in whoever you are!!! ❤️

Amyah Andrews | PH: BJ Colston

Have you ever had body image issues? It’s crazy how most people think skinny or small girls are lucky to be that size or believe they wouldn’t have any body image issues. Well, we do, at least I do. I’ve been self-conscious about my body and have felt uncomfortable wearing certain things because of how I thought I look.

Growing up I was always teased for how skinny I was and would be called “anorexic” or a “skeleton” because some of my bones protrude out; especially teased about my “wings.” My scapula, backbones, stick out to where they look like wings and kids loved to the point that out.

For the longest time, I wouldn’t wear anything that would show them. It did hurt my confidence. I use to hate going to school. But I’ve learned over time and from the love and support of my family & friends to embrace all of me just as I am!

Self-love is such an important thing, and as hard as you may think it is to do, you have to find the beauty in you, in all of you and not care what others may think of you or what they may define as beautiful or not beautiful.

My first year modeling is this year. I would not have been able to put myself out there like this if I wasn’t able to overcome my body image issues and I can’t express enough how grateful that I am for gaining my confidence and just simply not caring what others think! ❤️

Photography (Frost silver and purple) BJ Colston | Instagram @photobtookthat
Christopher Pollard @studio7onethree
Makeup Artist Jahne Abarca | Instagram @jahne_abarca
Headpiece/Beads and Styling Nicole Jordan | Instagram @colewrld_28

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