Jazz Brou | PH: Maurizio Montani
Jazz Brou | PH: Maurizio Montani

Body & Beauty: Introducing Jazz Brou

Jazz Brou

Jazz Brou | PH: Errikos Andreou
Jazz Brou | PH: Errikos Andreou

Jazz Brou is a French-born model in Paris, France who’s determined to succeed without any naysayers. His confidence and transparency are very inspiring.

Age: 40

Where do you reside? I born and still live in Paris, France!!!

Instagram? @afrojazz5

Jazz Brou | PH: Francois Rousseau
Jazz Brou | PH: Francois Rousseau

What’s your definition of confidence? For me, the definition of confidence is a feeling of assurance in something, somebody, or myself. If I trust you, that means I know already you, and you will not disappoint me; you will do your best for me. When I believe in me, I know I wouldn’t fail. I will find a way to reach my goals even if it takes time; I know that nobody or nothing would stop me!!!!

For me, there are different degrees of confidence because I think it’s sporadic to trust fully. We all know that nobody is perfect and sometimes it’s more natural to lie than tell the truth. Sometimes we are not ready or able to hear the truth. For me, I can trust some friends but not entirely. Sometimes I can believe in myself but not always entirely.

Have you ever had body image issues? To be honest, yes and it’s now!!! Before I used to run track & field and I had goods legs, abs…..everything.

After an injury at my right foot, I had to stop running. A few years later while I was doing modeling I decided to go to the gym more often, and I started to become big (too big for a model but I didn’t realize that). I was proud of my body of course, but after some new injuries at my back and my knees I had to calm down with the gym.

Since those days, I started to slowing lose all my gains… So yes at one moment it was difficult for me to accept my new body, to have to buy new smaller clothes, saw a “new me” in the mirror (I lost 10 kilos (22lbs). Then I started to hear people tell me that I lost too much weight or I look better before ….. but the good thing is that now I look like a model. I still have my abs, and I can fit the clothes, so I get more jobs HAHAHAHA. I can deal with that !!!!!

Francois Rousseau: @studiofrancoisrousseau
Errikos Andreou: @errikosandreouphoto
Maurizio Montani: @montani__maurizio

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