Lawrence Brown | PH: Kevin Luchmun
Lawrence Brown | PH: Kevin Luchmun

Body & Beauty: Introducing Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

At an early age, Lawrence Brown realized that his body type was unique which lead to him currently embracing his body image and gaining self-confidence. He resides in London.

Age: 32

Where do you reside: London, UK

Instagram: @lawrence.rdb

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is knowing and acceptance of oneself. Recognition being essential because when someone accepts what they have and who they are it will be expressed in everything they do and leaves them free to live truly in the moment.

Lawrence Brown | PH: Arron Dunworth
Lawrence Brown | PH: Arron Dunworth

Have you ever had body image issues? I won’t go as far as to say it was an issue as it was not negatively impacting my health or life but I’ve always been pretty lean (skinny).

I worked hard to try and put on muscles as a teen and in my early 20’s, but it didn’t happen. Being tall too it was hard to find clothes that fit off the hanger, and I’d want to buy sizes and styles that were more common or didn’t accentuate my features and body.

Over time I started to embrace my build and attributes. I used them to my advantage in Martial Arts, which in turn boosted my confidence and led to me embracing my height and build then eventually discovering modeling.

Nothing looks better than a characteristic or feature 100% embraced by its owner, which in turn inspires and motivates others. I’ve never been happier in my skin and feel there’s so much more to learn and grow as the person I am.

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Photographer Kevin Luchmun | Instagram @kevinluchmun
Hair Dexter Dapper Johnson | Instagram @dexterdapper
Grooming Nancy Diss | Instagram @nancydiss

Arron Dunworth | Instagram @arrondunworth

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