Mohamed Kromah Lewis
Mohamed Kromah Lewis

Body & Beauty: Introducing Mohamed Kromah Lewis

Mohamed Kromah Lewis opens up about being an immigrant from Guinea, West Africa and being harassed for a having darker skin tone and full features as a kid.

Age: 24

Where do you reside? I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, I was born in Guinea, West Africa and moved to the U.S when I was eight years old.

Instagram? @Ali_Mohamed_

Mohamed Kromah Lewis
Mohamed Kromah Lewis

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is believing in yourself no matter what. Often people seek validation from others when in actuality all they have to do is believe in self and the higher being. The mind is a powerful thing

Have you ever had body image issues? Yes, when I moved to the United States from my native country of Guinea, I had a difficult time assimilating. I would often get bullied at school because of my dark complexion and my large facial features such as my ears and lips.

I hated my elementary year school as a result. Over time, I learned that when you stand out, it makes people uncomfortable to a point where they engage in behaviors to make you uncomfortable. My mother and grandmother always emphasized to me that one day people will wish they had your features. It’s strange to me now that people of dark skin and strong features are receiving love and exposure from media because growing up I felt like society treated us as if we were inferior.

Having body issues can lead to many negative things which is why I do my best to show the beauty of being dark complexion. Furthermore, I work extremely hard to promote self-love, fitness, and wellness both in person and social media platform.

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