Paige Fraser: Dancer, Model, and Philanthropist - A Powerful Queen | Photo by Christopher Marrs
Photographer: Christopher Marrs

Paige Fraser: Dancer, Model, and Philanthropist – A Powerful Queen

Paige Fraser uses her gift of dance to empower youth through The Paige Fraser Foundation with hopes of modeling for Pyer Moss and boosting inclusion in the modeling industry.

Paige Fraser Q&A

Height: 5’5

Reside: Chicago, IL

Agency, if any: 10 Management 

Instagram: @lovingthispaige 

Three things the pandemic forced you to change? 

  1. Developing new ways to be active and creative. I am a professional dancer, so being away from the studio and the stage has been really hard. I have had to think outside of the box to create ways to stay active and inspired. I have also had more time to develop and build The Paige Fraser Foundation, which is my NFP for artists with or without disabilities. I have also been able to connect with videographers and photographers to build my portfolio! 
  2. Less ordering out, more home-cooked meals. This has been great for my bank account. 
  3. Embracing stillness and reminding myself that it is OK to rest and take a nap. This pandemic has slowed us all down, and I am grateful for this time of reflection. It can be uncomfortable at times, but that is where growth happens. 

Favorite designer, fragrance, and beauty/grooming products? 

I don’t have a favorite designer. I typically shop in vintage shops or buy what catches my eye. I like unique pieces. My favorite fragrance is Burberry “Brit Sheer.” 

For skincare, I use African Black Soap to cleanse. I suffer from hyperpigmentation (because of MELANIN), so I use Black Castor OilVitamin C, and Licorice Root serums. I also love my face steamer, which I follow with Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask 2 – 3x a week. 

On wash days, I use Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture products on my hair. I currently have a short tapered natural cut, so I use Eco styling gel to define my curls when my hair is wet. 

Paige Fraser: Dancer, Model | Photographer by Christoper Marrs
Photographer: Christopher Marrs

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? 

If I were not modeling or performing, I would be teaching dancing on a collegiate level. My goal is to be the director of a dance or arts program. I love giving back to the next generation. The arts change and heals. That is one reason why I formed The Paige Fraser Foundation (to create a safe space for artists with or without disabilities). I am currently taking online classes to get my Masters in Arts and Culture Management. 

Which brand(s) would you love to model?

I would love to model Pyer Moss, Fear of God, & Calvin Klein. I would also love a campaign with Nike, Adidas, or Chromat. As a dancer, I wear a lot of athletic wear to rehearsal or class. I would love to be the face of a campaign and share my story of adversity. I have a pretty inspiring journey, being a Black female artist with a spinal condition, and I want to encourage INCLUSION. 

 What are some of your challenges as a model? 

I guess my biggest challenge is not being tall. Luckily, that is changing now, and shorter models are being embraced and hired. I have a natural sense of movement, a dancer, and long limbs, which works to my advantage! I know my angles 😉 

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