ETANA | PH: Andrey Nik
ETANA | PH: Andrey Nik

Ask A Brand: ETANA

ETANA NYC (@etananyc), created by Floresca Isme, is a fashion brand with youthful energy and sophisticated designs. We speak with the creator about the inspiration for the brand and what’s to come in the future.

What is the meaning and inspiration behind ETANA?  

The origin of ETANA is Hebrew, Translation- Strength, and Dedication. My inspiration behind my brand is the strength and dedication to live up to the highest expectations of oneself — a luxury lifestyle brand. 

The ETANA designs are functional with a sense of versatility. Who would you say is the ideal ETANA consumer? 

The ideal ETANA Consumer is women and men that love fashion and don’t mind splurging on themselves sometimes. The best way to know how you will treat someone is to look at how you treat yourself. 

Besides the name of the product, what signature design structures are implemented to have consumers recognize your product as uniquely ETANA? 

ETANA Handbags signature is functionality with hidden pockets in the right places. Our handbags come in various sizes, and I enjoy offering options to our consumers. 

The eye-catching distinguisher will be released in 2020 when our bags will begin to carry our logo emblem. Soon that will be the focal distinguisher. 

With the launch of ETANA, what are some of the challenges you faced in the journey towards starting the business? How did you turn those challenges into moments of victory?

I ran into a few challenges. The major question I asked myself was, do I order the inventory first and then launch? Or do I hold a pre-sale and gage sales, so I know what to order and what consumers like? 

Now with pre-sales, there are a few things I face like manufacturing can have delays for various reasons that are out of my control. The best thing I was able to do was being in constant communication with my manufacturer. I was aware of any and all possibilities. 

Packaging! I knew what I wanted for packaging and looked until I found all the specifics. The feeling of victory for me is when I see how excited people get when they see, feel, and wear ETANA made all the challenges worth it. 

ETANA NYFW: VNF Productions Show. PH: Jacqueline Ayala
ETANA NYFW: VNF Productions Show. PH: Jacqueline Ayala

You recently held an SS20 presentation during NYFW. The surprise was, not only did you present a glimpse of a new collection of handbags, but also a preview of the ETANA clothing line. Did your vision of ETANA always include a clothing line, or did this grow over time as a demand? 

Yes, my vision for ETANA always included clothes, bags, and more. The demand for fashionable garments will always be there. Fashion is a form of expression. The expression is a part of every being; its the one thing that we all share.

What pieces, color palettes, and techniques should we expect from the clothing line, and how would you define it? 

I would define the clothing as ready-to-wear. Color palettes over time will vary. I love luminous colors, so that is a significant signature in all our products. I go crazy over pockets, so that is something that will forever live in ETANA. 

Where do you see the state of ETANA in the next 5 to 10 years? How do you see the company growing?

In the next 5 -10 years, I see the state of ETANA transforming into the go-to luxury brand. I see the company growing into a household name and providing more than just fashion ;).

How do you want your clients to feel when they wear your products? 

Powerful. The mission of our brand is to empower consumers through fashion. I want women or men to put on Etana and feel the strength within them. I want them to walk in that feeling and believe in it.

Featured image photography by Andrey Nik

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