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Ask A Designer: Electric & Rose

Electric & Rose Clothing is branded behind the surfer and yoga community in Venice Beach, California. A girl who does yoga and her man that surfs.

How did you get your start?

Electric & Rose was created out of doing what we love. The brand is a reflection of our lifestyle living in Venice, practicing yoga, and surfing. We wanted to capture that feeling and put it into something tangible.

What inspired the name Electric & Rose and where do you get your inspiration?

Electric & Rose is named after two streets in the heart of our neighborhood. Our surroundings are endlessly inspiring, full of artists, music, a clash of cultures, our love for each other and our desire to create something that reflects the world we want to live in.

Your brand has a very zen feel. Is this on purpose?

No, it’s not on purpose. I think we strive to have a balance between beauty and rebellion. If that comes across as zen, perhaps that’s because the idea of yin and yang is about balance.

Why are all of your style names named after streets in Venice Beach, CA?

We use street names in Venice Beach for all of our styles because that’s what our brand is. It’s where we live and create.

Who is your client?

Our client is us. A girl who does yoga and her man that surfs. It’s someone who appreciates quality and sustainability and doesn’t want to look like everyone else.

What should we expect to see with your A/W collection?

Maturity is the first thing that comes to mind. We really feel like we’re growing as designers and the vision of what Electric & Rose is becoming clearer with every collection.

We’d love to give a shout out to our design assistant, Stacy Zils! None of this would be possible without her.