Bohemian Society #LAFW
Photo: CRAIG BENNETT | Bohemian Society x LAFW

Bohemian Society Inclusion Shined #LAFW

Bohemian Society x LAFW

Bohemian Society #LAFW
Photo: CRAIG BENNETT | Bohemian Society x LAFW

Bohemian Society Creative Director, Victor Wilde’s SS2019 collection closed LAFW with one of the most inclusive and unapologetically curated runway shows we’ve ever seen in Los Angeles to date.

The runway show felt like family. It included individuals from broad backgrounds and cultures with the feeling of Silverlake meets The Lower Eastside in New York City. Enamored by the reconstruction of each design with a mixed of everyday wear, flow, and editorial inspiration, we were impressed. The runway show was consistent throughout and had superb flow. He kept us guessing what was going to come out next.

Wilde is the one-to-watch! If he continues his vision of inclusion with his brand, he will be in the big leagues in no time. Consumers support and buy from brands that include people that look like them.

We’re looking forward to seeing what this creative genius produces for FW2019 season.

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All photos: CRAIG BENNETT @thecelebatographer |


Designer and artist Victor Wilde’s SS2019 collection debuted his interpretation of direct action-through art incorporating artists, runway models, transgender and LGBT models, and women over the age of 40 on the runway, closing L.A. Fashion Week.

For Victor, this was not an ordinary “runway show.” It was a spring happening manifesting inclusion and celebrating society’s diversity. Models from all corners of society strutted the runway including writers and curators, confidantes and lovers, homeless friends and members of the LGBTQ community. Actress Rie Rassmussen and trans icon Buck Angel both walked the runway celebrating the diversity Bohemian Society represents.

Fast fashion is one of the world’s top polluters. It is important that The Bohemian Societycounteract its negative impact by using upcycled materials. For SS2019, Victor took ready-made garments like Dior blazers and white button-down dress shirts, deconstructed, then reconstructed into something different.

Many of the materials— unconventional notions like handcuffs, bandanas, gangster tees, heat press vinyl, and fanny packs are sourced from the area around Skid Row, located behind Bohemian Society’s home in downtown Los Angeles.

Bohemian Society feels a responsibility to manifest good in the world and raised money (and awareness) for a DTLA women’s center, the Los Angeles Poverty Department, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.