Badami & Co.

Ask A Brand: Emerging Leather Goods Brand, Badami & Co.

LA-based BADAMI brand offers leather goods for the self-aware who can appreciate well-crafted leather goods and products.

Where are you based? Los Angeles, CA.

How did you come up with the name BADAMI and what does it mean?

Badami is my last name, of Sicilian descent. But it goes way back to India AD 540.

You’ve expanded your leather goods. Who is your customer?

This will be an ever-changing answer. Currently, we have extensive plans to represent the unrepresented. Once we launch our underwear line next year, we plan to feature men 25-55 years old, different races & various sizes. Our mission statement is “Elevating & connecting men to their best selves through a larger sense of awareness, community & self-care.”

What do you know now that you wished you knew before you started your collection?

That I am powerful, whatever I put my mind to, and I can accomplish even if it’s only one small step at a time. 

Has social media helped or hindered your growth?

It has helped for sure. It allows people from all across the country and globe to connect in ways that wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago. 

Badami & Co. Shoulder Strap

Are any of your products Vegan?

Not currently. I would love to create a vegan option for each of my products in the future. 

Plans to enter the retail space in the future?

We are currently in a high-end boutique, Universal Body, in West Hollywood.  If I were to open a store, it would be more of an event space where men from all walks of life could come together, share stories, and in like-minded interests.

When creating a collection, where you get your inspiration?

I’m inspired mostly by architecture and superheroes. I’m always trying to make something that’s confident, unique, and solves a problem.
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