Steve Gonzalez

Meet Style aficionado, Steve Gonzalez

Steve Gonzalez respects Fashion & Style while being inspired by both Japanese and Mexican culture. His style is approachable with a classic twist. He has a lot to say, and you will appreciate his perspective.

What excites you most about fashion? 

What excites me most about fashion is the rich history of fashion. We must appreciate the past to be able to understand the present state of it and continue innovating in the future if it. Another thing that will be fashion is genderless, ageless, and can be for everyone. 

How would you describe fashion?

I described my fashion style as classic, vintage, and fashion-forward. Not trendy, not in fashion, but I love to incorporate different styles and eras of fashion, vintage pieces, some high fashion.

Typically, I enjoy quality garments. Living in NY gives me access to a lot of high-end second-hand stores, so that’s where I get most of my high-end designer pieces. 

How would you describe yourself? 

I’m a very intuitive person, passionate, and artistic. I also like to think of myself as a person who demands the best in everything I try to do. I must learn, know, and be able to execute everything I work or put my hands on. 

Instagram, or Tumblr? 

Instagram 100 percent. 

Tell me about where you grew up. How did it inspire your creativity?

That’s such a hard question. I grew up in Los Angeles and Mexico City. Growing up in Mexico City, and placed in a Japanese institution through middle school, it introduced me to a lot of Japanese art, history and the culture that opened the doors for me to continue to know more about this in my later years. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, heavily indulged in the music and fashion scene, everyone around me was a musician, so I had access to a lot of music studios, fashion, and sneaker culture. 

My name Stevedjla came from the music scene after high school I spent a lot of time in music studios. That helped me inspire myself or replicate some of my looks.  

What’s one item every man should have in their wardrobe? 

High-quality basics, great pair of denim, high-quality cashmere sweater. A versatile navy blue blazer or sport coat (Giorgio Armani would be my choice), and a great pair of white sneakers as well as nice dress shoes, a good scarf, etc.

People forget the power and how much use you can get by investing in great essentials. I have some pairs of shoes I had for over ten years, a cashmere topcoat I had since high school, and a trench coat that used for the past seven years every season. 

Steve Gonzalez

Patterns or Texture? 

Both, they both matter, and each one tela a different story! 

What is your favorite style of shoe? 

I’m a shoe guy (and sunglasses too), so it’s hard for me to say; however, I can tell you what I do dislike. It’s Chelsea boots!

What are your goals for 2020? 

My goal for 2020 is to give value to people, help them make better choices about menswear and lifestyle. Inspire and continue creating. I also want to continue making my leap into the Japanese market! Future collaborations with brands and continue to learn and grow! 

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