N°21 Fall/Winter 2020 Menswear Collection

N°21 Fall/Winter 2020 Menswear Collection

Alessandro Dell’Acqua shifted gears to include logos, classic tailoring, and prints. N°21 is setting the bar askew with a new angle discovered in how menswear should be approached for the modern man.

For his FW2020 Menswear Collection, Alessandro Dell’Acqua remained grounded while softly challenging the rules of modern fashion by pushing the envelope in a tastefully acceptable way.

Wardrobe staples are mixed up with shirts that provide a shaded view into the male physique. In a more delicate approach, we are given asymmetrical cuts, pops of vibrant color, and animal prints that are all laid against a muted canvas.

The items that stand out in this collection are the ones that are meant to be ‘in your face,’ and conversely, the small details make an entrance due to the ‘classic’ backdrop giving way to it unintentionally. We see the ‘N°21’ logo placed on garments in various ways, from small appearances on shirts to the namesake emblazoned across coats. This is a welcome view, as it establishes brand recognition and doesn’t feel overly done.

We also see altered collars and extreme cuts on shirts (or lack thereof) that yield a sense of wonder, allowing you to imagine for yourself not only a reason to wear them, but also how. Some pieces combine clashing points of view in patterns, which seem to work together in their close proximity. Stripes play along the fence line of leopard prints that brings a hint of whimsy in quick moments throughout the collection.

This collection presents solid options that are wearable and causes you to question from a place of curiosity instead of doubt. If it didn’t do anything at all, it certainly set the tone on defining what it means to be a man of current times.


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