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Nola Black: Angels In Disguise

Nola Black Presents: CAPE CRUISE

With their selection of dresses in black and white, we are given garments with a focus on taking the simple a step further. Possessing a no frills-chic feel, Nola Black stands by their philosophy of remaining grounded all while reaching for higher heights within their designs.

You may happen upon it unexpectedly while you’re taking in the scenes of your neighborhood. Your eyes catch a glimpse of unspeakable beauty that penetrates through your soul. The sounds of the city hush away and bring you to a calming state- like smooth Sunday rain upon your skin. Your mood lifts. As the feeling blooms and radiates around you, you’re connected with the earth, sky, and air. You understand everything for a moment and eternity.

Nola Black

You see this story told in the movements, poses, and the technical details of the billowing sleeves and hems of dresses of Nola Black’s latest collection. We see a jumpsuit that has layers throughout from top to bottom; a pleasant effect to a garment that naturally accentuates and elongates the legs. Another jumpsuit is fully sleek until you come upon the softening effect of the layered details at the hem, balancing playfulness with simplicity.

In the collection, Nola Black also brings us a shirt dress which has all the workings- a standard collar with long sleeves and working cuffs, but turned on to a new angle with a shoulder cut out leading to a puffed drop sleeve and a pleated band of fabric wrapped around the waist for a constricting effect. Some of the same techniques are applied to their slightly sheer, embroidered dress. The sleeves and collar are ruffled, giving a feminine quality which amps up the energy of the overall piece.

We’re given a collection that speaks to the elements of cruise- carefree, simple, and jovial. It’s a story that is partially unfolded to reveal a more profound concept that we are compelled to seek out and decipher. In searching for that meaning, we must keep in mind that some things simply cannot be explained with words.
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