5 Tips for Traveling for the Low
5 Tips for Traveling for the Low

5 Tips for Traveling for the Low

Here are five tips for traveling for the low I’ve learned about that can be useful for you so you can use that Personal Time Off (PTO) wisely.

Right now, you’re probably reading this at your cubicle, wondering, “I need to get out of here to ANYWHERE, but I can’t afford any of it.” Trust me; I get it. Life gets real, and the rent is ALWAYS due; however, what if I told you that you could afford that dream vacation you’re thinking about and not break the bank? 

Find a good travel group for cheaper rates.

Have you seen those big travel groups all over social media that look like the goals you’re looking to make a reality? They know the ins & outs of group travel and how to get a reasonable rate on travel, lodging, and the right discounts.

  • Tray Table Seat Back – Owned by our Travel Editor, Rahiem Johnson, offering exclusive group travel for POC.
  • Under30Experiences – Group travel for people 21-35 covering all of your amenities. The only thing that you have to do is get there!! Started in 2013, they offer group travel experiences to people who’ve always been curious to see the world but never had a travel companion. They offer group rates, travel deals, and Women Only trips.
  • Travel Noire – This site gives you a one-stop-shop of where to go, trip group rates, and stories, as well as a significant step by step of how to plan your next trip!
  • Passport Required  Founded by Darnell Lamont Walker. The website dares people who enter to be brave and take a chance to experience the world. He gives his first-hand experience with his travels around the world as well as the people he met along the way, encouraging others to do the same and a site worth checking out.

Sign up for mailing lists.

I know, I know. Your mailbox is full, and if you get another notification, you’re going to scream. BUT, sometimes, you can find the best deals during the week randomly by joining mailing lists to your favorite airlines. 

The airlines are banking on your need for a getaway and desire for wanderlust, so they send you exclusive discount deals during the week to keep it at the top of your mind. So go ahead, take that chance, and signup!


Find your favorite social media blogger and follow the blueprint.

Chances are in your lifetime, you have a friend who always seems to be on the go, and you’re sometimes envious. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. 

Instead of watching them for going all over the place while you’re eating leftover Ramen from the night before, ask them to put you on!! 

Most travel bloggers are getting paid to do interactions and get people to travel out to these places to boost visitation, so they’ll most likely be able to give you advice. So shoot your shot and get out there!

Set up flight alerts.

Remember what I said earlier about signing up for email alerts? Let us take it a step further. There is a specific website for catching flight errors that give you CRAZY flight deals that are an error by the airlines. It’s called “secretflying.com.” You can view the deals from various cities and exclusive deals from your base city, if available.

There’s an app for that!

By 2019, I’m sure you know there’s an app for almost everything, and flying is no exception! Sometimes you can find flights for cheaper on these apps than actually going directly to the website. 

Some of my favorites are KayakAirfare WatchdogSecret FlyingTravel Pirates, and Momondo. You can set the pricing from low to high to get the best bang for your buck.

These are just a few suggestions; however, the point is where there is a will; there is away! Stop daydreaming and travel to your dream destination.

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