Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim

Having the right bag keeps you organized, creates balance while keeping you stylish and removes the guesswork. Our baggage claim selections will guide you.



Steve Madden $120

When choosing a briefcase, choose one that made of soft material, but durable enough to hold its shape. Your briefcase will keep all of your tech gadgets and documents neat for easy access and will make an excellent impression from the start to end of your day. Choose an option with a strap; it will come in handy when you’re sending emails from your phone.


Coach Manhattan Pouch $295

Don’t call it a clutch. A pouch is a great option when you don’t need to carry too much, but still, want to get the most out of your day. It pairs well with a crisp casual look and takes you from running errands all the way to an impromptu wine tasting with friends. Don’t overstuff. The last thing you need in your day is a duel with a zipper.


Mismo Backpack $500

No, you aren’t going on a hike. But let’s face it, it feels that way sometimes. A backpack is great to have when you never know just what the day will bring. Rain? Umbrella. Check! Need a pick me up? Granola bars to the rescue! No matter what happens, you can handle it all and leave others wondering “How does he do it all?”


Ports V. Plaid Shopper Tote $300

Whether you’re on a long commute and or just going a short distance, this tote works. You don’t have to utilize your tote only on the weekends. Choose to carry it during the workdays to break up the stiffness.


Banana Republic – Hook & Albert Overnight Duffle $175

When you’re taking a trip to a new town for a short moment, a duffle can keep you in line and following the rule of “Keep It Simple.” You’re forced to pack only the essentials and reconsider those four t-shirts you thought you would need. Pack items that will do double duty and get on your way.


Fossil Framed Shave Kit Bag $95

You need it all in one place. Searching around for your beard comb should not be a five-minute-feat and precious time that you will never get back. Pack your beard comb, beard balm, face cream, shave gel, and other essentials ahead of time. Doing so will prevent you from going back to the days of wasted minutes of your life.


Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In Suitcase $675

You’ve had a rough few months; everything was thrown at you, and yet you still came out on top. You are resilient. You deserve a vacation. You need a suitcase that reflects the same resilience you possess. Give it all you’ve got…it can handle it.

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