Dagne Dover Backpack

Dagne Dover Bags Removed My Travel Anxiety

Just when I was about to give up on my search to find the perfect travel bags, the Dagne Dover Bags popped up on my Instagram explorer feed.

Dagne Dover products have remained durable and functional throughout my hectic travel schedule. After having gone through several types of travel bags over the years, their products helped me simplify how I pack.

I’m a traveler, so I needed bags that were big enough to fit a few different outfits but small enough to pass as carryons. What initially caught my eye were the array of different color options and styles. The color that fit my personality is their Poppy (red) color. I now own the Large Landon Carryall, Dakota Backpack, and Hunter Toiletry Bag.

The versatile backpack design has many pockets and little hiding places to pack my necessities. The Toiletry Bag has elastic loops on the inside, perfect for tweezers, razors or TSA-approved bottles. The Large Landon Carryall is lightweight and allowed me to use it as an overnight bag or a weekend bag.

Dagne Dover uses 100% premium neoprene, which is a high-tech fabric that is hand washable and quick to dry. The bags helped relieve the travel anxiety I sometimes get packing for business or vacation travel. I was able to pack several clothing options and a few pairs of shoes inside of the Large Landon Carryall. The Hunter Toiletry Bag, definitely fit all of my bath products and cosmetics. My electronics: camera and laptop, fit comfortably into my Dakota Backpack with more room to spare.

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If you are looking for the perfect bags to fit your current lifestyle, Dagne Dover is my #1 choice, and you don’t have to worry about check-in bag fees. They are definitely worth the investment.

Safe travels!


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