Best of Cape Town

Editor Picks: Best of Cape Town

Best of Cape Town

Recently, we discovered the natural beauty that surrounded the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It was everything we could have imagined and more! While there we found some cool places to visit and must-see destinations for your trip.

Yours Truly Restaurant - Best of Cape Town

Yours Truly (Restaurant/Bar): A trendy bar that has multiple locations within the city. The vibe is effortless and hip that has a vast array of food and drinks that could be had at lunch and then turn into a lovely cocktail hour after hours.

Coco/ Goldbar (Nightlife): This popular night club spot is where you are bound to see all of the beautiful people in the city. It has two levels to it starting with Coco, a lounge location that is very intimate and will allow you to chill before you go upstairs to the main club which is Gold Bar. Both have great music and are a guaranteed good time if you are looking to dance the night away.

Lion's Head, Cape Town
Photo: Charl van Rooy

Lion’s Head and Table Mountain: Table Mountain and Lion’s Head Mountain are two of the main sites to see in the city of Cape Town. The natural beauty from both locations is a sight that you must witness from the top before your vacation is complete. If you’re in an athletic mood and need a quick adventure, travel up Lion’s Head seeing that is the shorter journey of the two. If you have a little more time to kill travel up the iconic Table Mountain and see all of the scenic beauty.

Clifton Beach: This beach area is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the city. There are four area’s that are allowed, and each area is more breathtaking than the last. There is a mixture of beautiful waters, scenic overviews and gorgeous homes that will make you want to live in that beach location forever.

Camps Bay (Beach Area; featured image): Another stunning beach area of the city is Camps Bay. This area is reminiscent of Malibu with it’s laid back atmosphere, posh dining areas, and beautiful scenic views. A must area.

Stellenbosch Vineyards - Best of Cape Town
Photo: Matthieu Joannon

Stellenbosch (Vineyards): The vineyards in the Stellenbosch are world renowned and for a good reason. Not only are the wine selections exceptional but the tours and lunch areas surrounding it are a sight for sore eyes. Make sure you take some time to explore this area and bring some of their items back home with you if you want to have an exemplary wine tasting experience.

Kloof Street (Shopping/Food): If you are looking for a taste of home in the United States, then Kloof street is the place you need to be. This area has a familiar feel, likening to Beverley Hills; it’s exquisite shopping, luxurious restaurants, and beautiful weather. Not to mention you can find some nice bars to mix and mingle at while you’re exploring the streets.

V&A Waterfront - Best of Cape Town

V&A Waterfront (Mall and Attractions): If you need to find a good mall, a vast array of restaurants, endless outdoor activities, and local performers all in one the V&A Waterfront is where you need to be. It is one of the main attractions in the city and for a good reason. You can find most of what you might need out here and for a great price point at that.

Souk (Nightlife): If you need a nice chill place to dance the night away, then souk is the place to be. The vibe is grown and sexy, a great atmosphere and a guaranteed good time.

Green Market Square: The Green Market Square marketplace is the place you need to be if you need a good day time adventure to capture the city. They have some delicious finds in terms of one of a kind souvenirs, artwork, jewelry, and home decor. You can haggle your best price for everything that you might need to take back with you after your vacation is over.

The41 Restaurant (Nightlife/Restaurant): #1 in our book! This gem in the heart of Camps Bay, South Africa is sexy, chic and has an amazing vibe directly across from the ocean. They have some of the best food and drinks in Cape Town and the staff is amazing. Also, you get to hear live music from local musicians. YOU MUST VISIT THIS RESTAURANT!

If you plan on making a trip to the Mother City, make sure you check out these destinations and live your best life in Cape Town!

Herve Leger

5 Things You Need To Know About Cape Town:

  1. Carry around a Fanny Pack: Cape Town is a very easy Town to get around, and you’ll want to pack light while on the go. Bring your essentials in a small bag or a fanny pack and enjoy your time in the town.
  2. Uber EVERYWHERE: if you’re thinking about renting a car while visiting Cape Town, CANCEL IT! It should be a crime how inexpensive the uber rides are here. The city isn’t that big, and once you end up getting where you need to go, you will be surprised how little you’re spending to get there. Go ahead, order that Uber XL. Use promo code: 98w41 (new users only)
  3. Walk around…: There are so many natural sights to see that are so aesthetically pleasing that you need to do yourself a favor and see the city by foot when you get a chance; prime location for that perfect selfie.
  4. …except at Night: Like any major city there are dangers in it, and Cape Town is no exception. It can get quite scary at night walking around because there are a lot of homeless people roaming around and they can get quite aggressive looking for a change. So take advantage of tip number 2 and call that Uber.
  5. Dine out as much as you can: Remember how I said how cheap the Uber’s are out there? The food is just as inexpensive!! There are a wide array of restaurants with varying food from around the world. Take a chance to explore some new food options while exploring a new town. Word of advice: make sure they cook it all the way through; they don’t have the same regulations as America.

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Herve Leger