Kyle Price | PH: Julius Adorsu

Kyle Price: Expect the Unexpected

Newly appointed Director of Travel Partnerships, Kyle Price takes a moment to give our readers an inside look of what to expect from his role and his human side.

Dream destination? I’ve always said I wanted to go to Tokyo before I die. I love their culture and technology. It just seems I would fit in well there.

What type of experience would you like to share with our readers? I want my column to feel like everyone is taking a trip with me every time I go somewhere. I love when the things I do feel intimate and my audience feels close enough to me to ask any question that they have on their mind. Also, I want people to catch wanderlust and be inspired to get out of their comfort zone; I feel like everyone deserves to have that.

How do you feel your viewpoint will entice our readers to try these new experiences? I’m very candid and very opinionated on the things I like, and what I don’t like so they can always expect an honest opinion of something when it comes to me. I plan on being very objective with everything until I experience it.

Why is it important to you to see more POC (People of Color) traveling internationally? It’s important because not too many people of color know first hand how many opportunities there are outside of the United States and for CHEAP! Plus, those are experiences that will last a lifetime so why not invest and fly out?

How do you get through a long flight? Netflix and Apple Music.

Hot or cold weather? Hot weather. Anyone who picks cold weather can’t be trusted LOL.

Airbnb or Hotels? Hotels.

Window, middle or aisle seat? *Erykah Badu voice* Window Seat.

Favorite Airline? Virgin Airlines.

Listen to music on the plane or watch a movie? Listen to music.

Photo: Julius Adorsu | Instagram: @kwasi.wisd0m

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