Miami Vs Bali

Miami-vs- Bali: How Traveling Abroad Is Cost-Effective

Miami will cost you in comparison to a trip to Bali, Indonesia for flight, accommodations, entertainment, and food in USD.

For many American who may want a beautiful beach getaway, Miami seems to be the most popular go-to getaway destination. Some would say that’s due to the distance, but also the price. Flights to Miami are always on sale for very cheap.

One thing travelers must learn is a cheap flight doesn’t always necessarily mean an inexpensive trip. Although a flight to Miami is usually very cheap, once you touch down in Miami especially South beach the prices are sure to put a hole in your pocket.

Below is a price breakdown:

Round-Trip Flights leaving from New York City:

Miami between $100- $200 roundtrip
Bali between $600 – $800 roundtrip (depending on the time of year)


Miami: $200 – $500+ for a 3.5 Hotel per night. The closer to South Beach the more expensive.
Bali: $50-$100 entire luxury 1-2 bedroom villa per night.


Miami: Wings will cost you about $30. If you’re trying to eat at a nice restaurant (i.e., Barton G) $100+
Bali: Average meal will cost you $5. Upscale restaurant will cost $25.


Miami: Clubs in Miami on average will charge you about $40 to enter. Water sports such as jet ski will cost you around $100, parasailing $80.
Bali: ATVs are about $30, bathing and riding elephants (lunch included) $30, parasailing $30, jet ski $30.

As you can see above in our comparison for roughly the same price for a getaway to Miami you can take a trip to Bali, Indonesia and enjoy more for your money. If Miami is your choice due to time restraints than there are also other options for traveling abroad that are a little closer to home.

We want to challenge our readers to think bigger and broader and preventing the notion that traveling abroad is very expensive and only for the rich and famous is a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong it can be costly depending on the destination; however, if you choose the right destination at the right time of year, you’d be surprised how far you can travel. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been.

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