Occidental Panama City Hotel

Panama’s Favorite City, Occidental Wasn’t Accidental


Occidental Panama City Hotel

Occidental Panama City Hotel Room

Since launching #ObviousTravel, we consistently find ourselves asking the question “Where will we go?” And, while we spend a great deal of time pondering on this question, and as we continue to curate our summer/fall itinerary, we decided it would be best to take a couple of trips to get our feet wet.

Where did we go you might wonder? Panama City, Panama! We decided one of the first places we had to visit would have to be close to a beach, and it was just our luck that we found 5 on one island.

Whether you’re new to traveling or consider yourself a wanderlust veteran, South America is the perfect region to visit at least once. To be specific, Panama City, Panama is the perfect place to frequent if you are looking for an amazing travel experience.

From touring historic sites like the [man-made] Panama Canal and the ruins of the First European settlement on the Pacific Coast of the Americas (The Panama Viejo Historical Monument Complex) to boarding a ferry en route to explore Contadora Island, it’s obvious (no pun intended) you’ll have a wonderful travel experience that will entice you to come back again and again.

And, if the colonial landmarks and neoclassical plazas lined with cafes and bars aren’t enough to make your travel experience memorable, perhaps staying at the Occidental Panama City Hotel is just what you need.

Occidental Panama City Hotel Outside

For an average price of around $54 USD per night with the option to take a discount for an extra 10% off when you book a Superior, Superior Plus or Superior Familiar room, and or a discount for an extra 25% off when you book a Suite or Presidential Suite, this modern and futuristic hotel–strategically located in the city’s financial district–offer its guest the perfect space for both business and leisure travel. To see it is to believe it, and it was perfect for our stay. From the avant-garde design (we loved the style!), international cuisine, and rooftop nightclub, this was the perfect location to experience all that Panama City had to offer, not to mention the impeccable views of the city skyline.

First Impressions

The Occidental Panama City Hotel is surrounded by the Bellavista area, which offers guest the ease of being in a modern and safe environment surrounded by a number of stores and restaurants. The hotel includes two restaurants and is widely known for its 1400 Rooftop nightclub with impressive views of the city. Equipped with free Wi-Fi (a necessity for the modern traveler) throughout the entire hotel and a state of the art gym, the hotel offers just the right amount of comfort for long days of exploration in Panama’s vibrant and contemporary city.

1400 Rooftop Nightclub

If you’re looking to rest after a day of traveling, but want to take advantage of the time you have without overextending yourself going out on the town, a visit to Bleu Sky Bar is just what you need. From the amazing music paired with signature cocktails and its celebratory ambiance under the Panamanian night sky–which boasts some of the best views of the city if we haven’t mentioned that already–this is the perfect place to end your night with a taste of Panama City’s nightlife. If you aren’t up for partying on your first night, feel free to grab a cocktail and a bite to eat–we recommend the macaroni and cheese!

“While we intended to capture the City’s skyline, this mural capture our attention. Look at the view in the background as the sun begins to set. “Isn’t it impeccable!?”

The Verdict

If you’re visiting Panama City and looking for that quintessential local–but comfortable– experience, the Occidental Panama City is perfect for you. It’s appropriately modern without feeling too far removed from the traveler’s experience. Not to mention, it’s situated in the center of a historic area of the city that provides you the perfect atmosphere to experience the history of Panama City. Cosmopolitan, exciting and most importantly designed with historic style, the Occidental Panama City is worth the stay.

Disclaimer: Our reservation at the Occidental Panama City Hotel was not complimentary as a part of our stay nor were we paid for our review. All views are our own.