Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison
Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison

Robbie Antonio: Determined, Flexible, Independent

“Our goal is to address the critical pain points of the market when it comes to
buying a home. We want to deliver, speed, and quality at an affordable cost.”

OBVIOUS Magazine spoke with the CEO, Robbie Antonio about his passion for real estate, the challenges facing the market, and where he sees Revolution Precrafted in the future.

These are the three words that Robbie Antonio, the CEO of Revolution Precrafted uses to describe himself: determined, flexible, independent.  When you look at Revolution Precrafted, you will come to learn that those three words are not only for himself but also the core of the business.  The determination to fill a need in the real estate market,  allowing flexibility of time with high-quality products, and keeping the focus on each client is what sets Revolution Precrafted apart from the rest of the real estate market as we know it today.

Never before has anyone thought of prefabricated homes delivered wherever you want around the world.  Revolution Precrafted allows partnering with leading architects and designers who will design a home that is uniquely yours. Attention to location, topographical mapping, and climate present an array of options to create a space that you can call your own. Reimagining the way people understand design and shown the ability to choose should not be limited.

Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison
Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison


Where did you grow up? I spent a great deal of my formative years in the US.  That is also where I went to college and took my MBA. 

Why and how did you get into real estate? As I mentioned, I became passionate about real estate because I learned about its intricacies early on. But even when I was younger, I’ve been thinking of ways to break into the business, with my own idea or concept. Thankfully, I thought of the concept of branded prefab technology, which was something nobody has done before. I launched Revolution Precrafted in 2015 and in three years, the company has grown to become one of the leading prop-tech companies in the world. 

What do you know that you wished you knew at the beginning of your empire? I’ve always known that it is essential to listen to the market so you can come up with the right products. But ever since I launched Revolution Precrafted, I’ve been paying even more attention to the pain points of the market, not only for you to deliver what they want, but for you to also anticipate what they will need now and in the long term. For example, we started with branded prefab homes and pavilions, but now we are expanding our product portfolio to include modular homes.

Why did you choose the pre-fab concept as a business practice for Revolution Precrafted? As I mentioned, branded prefab did not exist before we came into the picture so, in a sense, we introduced it to the market and helped revolutionize it. We believed that this concept would surely address the needs of the market for aesthetically impressive homes, that are affordable and can be quickly built. 

Our goal is to address the critical pain points of the market when it comes to buying a home. We want to deliver, speed, and quality at an affordable cost. Our main IP is branded prefab homes so we partnered with 81 of the world’s best architects, designers, and artists and this is something that truly sets us apart from our prefab players. 

Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison
Robbie Antonio | PH: Jerris Madison

What are your plans for your expected growth in the American market? The USA is definitely one of our target markets for our expansion. We already have an existing deal in Rancho Cucamonga in California, and we are close to signing another project in Texas. But we won’t stop there. We are aggressively looking for opportunities in other states such as New York, Connecticut, and other central states. We want to be a household name in this market. 

Is the United States the ultimate goal for most foreign-based companies? Not necessarily but having a significant presence there helps increase awareness and brand recall. At the same time, complying and passing the strict standards of this market underscores our capabilities as a company. 

Dream client you would love to build a home or commercial building? Someone who really loves design.

What does a ‘day off’ looks like for you? I never do day-offs, only because I am on call 24/7 to all my team members. I want to be always in the loop about company projects and operations. 

If you weren’t in real estate, what would you be doing? Full-time art collector.

Three (3) words that best describe you as an individual? Determined. Flexible. Independent.

Running a billion dollar empire seems like a lot. What are some of your challenges, if any? The challenge for us now is how to sustain and expand what we have.  Over the past few months, our team has been exploring ways to create additional revenue streams and to create new products. We don’t want to be stagnant. That’s the worse thing you can do. You need to evolve to remain relevant in the market continuously. At the same time, you have to listen to what the market is saying. You want to anticipate and address their needs. 

At the moment, we are also working on our fundraising exercises to finance our planned expansion. We are looking at Series-C fundraising sometime in 2019 and a public offering either in 2021. | Instagram: @revolutionprecrafted


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